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PLU Open Mic featuring Peter Daniels

PLU Open Mic featuring Peter Daniels

A hot and steamy January evening at PLU last Thursday with out special guest Peter Daniels and over 25 readers, musicians and performers. We were all a bit giddy from the results of the Greek elections – and the idea of free Vodka. Plus we learned how to cum in the subjunctive….

Round 1

David Leo Sirois launched his singing career with an accapella cover of Mr. Tom Waits‘ Time. It was indeed time for a spark of hope in Elliot‘s tribute to the Greek elections with Nightlife, followed by Turning away a.k.a. apostrophe. Shannon Cain warmed up the room by carefully narrating an orgy – just in time for St. Libertine’s Poetry and Art Orgy on February 14th. Zorro broke Brecht and the virgin Elisa sacrificed herself to the wolf of Little Red Riding Hood in her piece called The vanishing. Noah reset the scene with his song Reset, and David Blair read extensively from his script The telepathic motion picture of moving tribes. Thomas earned the first free shot of Vodka by reciting Pushkin from memory. This led us to our featured reader, Peter DanielsInsects, Hat and Pan, Dull Funeral Home, which included a French lesson and his translation from Russian of The stars.

Round 2

Jordan brought us in from the cold with his new song Digital, played of course on an acoustic guitar. We then gave Mr. Daniels the stage one last time for The Obscene Ballad of Cpt. Rigby, based on a 1698 criminal trial for sodomy:

There has been joy in buggary since ancient times ’till now.

Lauren brought us back to the sweeter sex with Just girls, followed by Bibi and Charly‘s musical poetry Love in four seasons. Moe had everyone clapping and singing to Sweet Elisa, Dina drank Vodka and Alison read a short story and announced her stained glass expo that starts on February 9th. Elena then gave us The offering and a dedication to Danielle, Ithaca. Kelly made some movement with Kinematos, ending round two.

Hic Sunt Dragones (a.k.a. Round 3)

DRnB  bumped us into late night delirium with On my own. Amruta read a love poem dedicated to Krishna’s blue skin. Then Donald took us on a brilliant tirade called Poem about the news – and let’s just say he didn’t like what he had heard on TV… Amel sang a sad song, Ray sacrificed his virginity with Guns blazin’, Ania drank Vodka to remember a Russian lullaby and recite a bit of Ionesco‘s Rinoceronte. Chris Newens just about got his ass kicked by the females in the room, so we saved him by letting Elisa distract us with Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.



Peter Daniels lives in London. He published his first full collection Counting Eggs with Mulfran Press in 2012, following several pamphlets including Mr Luczinski Makes a Move (HappenStance, 2011). He has won first prize in a number of poetry competitions including the Ledbury (2002), Arvon (2008) and TLS (2010). His book of translations from the Russian of Vladislav Khodasevich (1886-1939), published by Angel Classics, was the Poetry Book Society’s recommended translation for Autumn 2013.

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