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PLU Open Mic featuring Pierre Paco

PLU Open Mic featuring Pierre Paco

Open Mic probed into the collective psyche last Thursday under the expert guidance of Pierre Paco.

Sam opened the evening assuring everyone that he had once been like us, i.e. a loser, before telling how he became friends with Scott Campbell, renowned paper airplane thrower, thanks to a special Pokémon card. Mo described an awkward date with someone who never danced to James Brown, whose cuticles chewed to the bone discredited her as a vegan. Aditya took the stage as recommended by his own personalized rejection therapy agenda, explored French idioms such as applying pressure to mushrooms and told about shitty velib experiences. Reggie explained that in the dating world he is not a fine wine but rather the kind of greasy cheeseburger that one consumes at 3AM then feels guilty about the next day.

Jacklyn, who at 9 years old is possible the youngest performer on the Open Mic stage so far, described the world of poems whose secrets lie lost at sea, when people stop listening.

Pierre closed the evening with readings from a selection of texts taken from the platform he founded, lodj (he confirms it’s pronounced as in French loge or English lodge)

PLU Open Mic kicks off with a multicollaborative bang Thursday August 11 with Pierre Paco!

Pierre Paco is interested in creative endeavour and fond of live music. He’s an amateur writer of spoken word poetry, and also involved in finding ways to foster education and social innovation through arts and technology, working with non profits.

Pierre’s project is to have people write collaborative poem, stories, … by adding a small bit of text, in turn, until they are satisfied with the resulting work. It started as a watercooler exercise with pupils, and slowly became a small hobby. There is no obligation in the size of your writing, and one can stop when she wants to. The goal is to foster creative writing from everyone, to have people listen to other people experiences, their souls, their dreams and to explore in a more meaningful way our collective “psyche”. For now, it is an email based community, soon to be powered by a web interface to give you better tools to collaborate and to showcase some intriguing works !

To join you can register with your email: here: and you will be put in touch with other adventurous writers!

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