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PLU Open Mic featuring Rachel Bell

PLU Open Mic featuring Rachel Bell

Fresh back for the réntrée, PLU hosted lost o’ peoples. Round One included: René speaking to his 13-year-old self: don’t stop breakdancing, Steve’s Other Lives, Sonya’s 250 word sentence, Thomas was Red with Angry Animals, Moe said We Want Everything and was Tired of Being Poor, Karen fell in love with The Lady in Black, Simon had a bunch of really short Draft Poems and our feature, Rachel Bell, did this:

Round Two included: Gino’s Dark Guitar Rock Poetry, Rachel Bell squirting her Love Tweets, Reggi’s stand-up comedy, Tarya asking Will Someone Come Suck Off My Face? followed by L’Insassisable’s signing and French slam and ended with Chris’ short story.

Round Three was a musical-poetically drunk free for all with Blue Wit, Emma, and Jason.


Welcome back holidaygoers! Celebrate the return to work/life/school/unemployment by joining us at the weekly PLU Open Mic at Culture Rapide. For September 1, we’ve invited the Chicago-based American poet Rachel Bell to feature for us. Her 4th book is on its way through the publication birth process from Pioneers Press.

Regular signup starts at 8pm, be ready to read/sing/dance/doyou from 8.30pm.

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