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PLU Open Mic featuring Reginald Barris

PLU Open Mic featuring Reginald Barris


Small but mighty we were on Thursday night, with the volume of a thousand times our number, led by the bold and cavalier comedian Reginald Barris.

Despite your host’s best efforts at democracy, Fate willed it that René open the evening again with his very own “your coffee’s getting cold” on the gee-tar. Flavie followed, also taking up the strings, and weaving between the bars. VIRGIN and awesomely-named Loch Martini brought up some standup about moving from Paris to Portland, a deadly goose and being mugged by a Disney princess. Finnish Chris might have had a 0% battery problem, but still managed to tell us a *sweet* tale about his friend and some polar bears, which the surprisingly large Scandinavian crowd seemed to enjoy in particular. VIRGIN Erwin pulled out some of his own beautiful fiction about a couple of kids meeting an old Elvis backup dancer, and Marie treated us to some Angelic guitar, including the “I’m not going to suck on you anymore”. Then it was time for Regi, our fantastic feature for the evening, to shock us into giggles. Any quotes from his work risk coming across…out of context…so you’ll just have to check him out on the comedy circuit between Paris and Vienna 😉

Round two, and Regi gave us some reps and some unexpected discoveries. Moe brought the rhythm to the stage with Hit the Road Jack, and Danish Harry had just got back from Antarctica (polar bears? We wondered) to read us his Ode to whoever puked on the boulevard Voltaire. Our virgins Loch and Erwin hadn’t been frightened off, and wanted more, and Marie wisely decided that sometimes ages does matter!

See you ragamuffins next time…

PLU Open Mic welcomes comedian Reginald Barris August 25th. Sign up begins at 8:00PM, show gets rolling at 8:30PM.

Reginald Barris is a biracial, American stand-up comedian living in Vienna, Austria. His unique cultural perspective gives him an interesting take on race and a strong distaste for traditions and conventionality. His twisted sense of humor often dances on the line between acceptable and depraved, but the absurd logic behind his statements is enough to leave you in stitches.

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