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PLU Open Mic featuring René Ghosh

PLU Open Mic featuring René Ghosh

A full moon and a howling night at Paris Lit Up Open Mic featuring René Ghosh. Starting off the ceremonies was Amruta reading Special Problems in Vocabulary by Tony Hoagland. Next Nick gave us some droll English humor with a perfect accent and Alison ate some Fruit of Fire. David Jaggard from read his new, recently printed piece, Napoleon is the American Dream. Musical duo Alison and Arthur played Jethro Tull’s A Birthday Card for Christmas on Thanksgiving. Steve read Trucker stories from his new novel Other Lives across the Desert and Oscar reported on refugees in Calais. Our special guest René did this:


Round Two included René‘s Chapter 11 with telepathic monkeys, Victor playing a few calypso songs, Emily reading her piece dedicated to Paris in Paris Lit Up Magazine n°3 and the virgin Sella from San Francisco singing Take me down, down, down… acapella. She’ll be back next week with her piano!


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René Ghosh has been published in places too numerous to mention. In addition to all those numerous places, he also has a piece in the 2015 Fall PLU magazine.
René was born in Montréal, Québec in 1972 and grew up not far from there in Rigaud, a village with cows, mechanics, future mechanics, and future cows. He attended Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal where he studied engineering and dreamed of writing sci-fi.
He moved to Paris in 1999 and has worked in IT ever since, writing short stories to escape into, and then escaping back into IT when the stories got weird. He has done a lot of amateur stage acting. He finally made his way into writing long form and wrote his debut novel, Puppet Dancers, in 2014. This year he published his second novel, The Click Shortcuts, about the development of an alphabet in an alphabet-less world when mobile phones and texting render it necessary.
He is a regular attendee at Open Mic, and if you ask the others: an all-too-frequent participant.

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