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PLU Open Mic featuring Rosa Rankin-Gee

PLU Open Mic featuring Rosa Rankin-Gee

Despite the lack of visual evidence, last Thursday PLU did what it does best: packed house, excellent poetry and beautiful prose from our special guest, Rosa Rankin-Gee.

Round One

Cohort Emily rode a Cycle in Paris. Nina, back from a long absence, set the evening mood with Nocturne n°12, Moon bent face and read in her perfect French for the first time with Derière les levees d’un automate. Moe had No title, Picnic and Take your big white lie (anticipating #Ferguson, probably). Rina explored What matters most and Sadness. Megan did some Andrea Gibson with Royal Heart. This isn’t Megan, but this is Andrea on video:

DRNB danced in Japanese, Kelly recited As I stretch my arms and a few strophes from Bright Eyes:

And if you swear that there’s no truth and who cares
How come you say it like you’re right?

Finally, Lily gave us some Body Pedagogy with no words (finally) and Hamza got stuck in Airport limbo.

rosa rankin gee

Rosa Rankin-Gee‘s first novel The Last Kings of Sark was published by Virago (UK) last November, and St Martin’s (US) this summer. The Times called it “stunningly well-written”, The Guardian said it was “lithe, shimmering and full of wit” and The New Yorker said it was “both freshly innocent and self-assured.” For PLU, she read us the first chapter… you’ll have to pick up a copy to see what happens!


Round 2

Daniel brought Ambörn out of the basement and flamencoed some Lorca (amazing!), Sarah‘s last performance was as sad as Sunday afternoon video games and Do you remember green? She’ll be back… Ed, a Latin-speaking virgin, read a sonnet, Troy Yorke presented his new book, Hole in my side (buy it here!), Tristan, our second-hand virgin of the evening, sang without any strings, Emily drew the Corps of a young woman, Eliott‘s infallible memory gave us a bit oh Hugo‘s Réponse à une acte, Amruta began a novel before leaving for India for a month, Riteba won Best Name Award and read The Freak followed by a Semiotic love poem (no relation), Marina, our third-base virgin, saw a Marble coffin, Chris read Jeff Vitkun‘s Morning rescue,  and we finished with a final virgin, Breanne reciting Brittany.


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