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PLU Open Mic featuring Rose Reyes

PLU Open Mic featuring Rose Reyes

Serious literature and frivolous entertainment unite in this September 14th open mic. We welcome to our humble stage every kind of expression, human or otherwise, and hope we can engage in all kinds of conversation. Sign up from 20h.

Born in New York, now based in Paris, Rose is a writer of poems and stories. Her memoir, Somewhere in Between, (also the name of her online blog on WordPress), won the 2006 Edward Riviera Autobiography Award. Her poems and short stories have been published by Promethean Literary Magazine, The City at the Center Magazines, Poetry in Motion© in conjunction with the New York City MTA, amongst others. She has been published in Paris Lit Up Magazine, and is currently working on an upcoming collection of her poems.

Rose has been a proud performing member of the spoken word communities in Paris for 3 years and currently a host of Spoken Word Paris. Of late, she enjoys experimenting with stand-up comedy and improvisation. She hosts her own comedy show while also performing regularly at “Laugh Etc.”, “The Great British American Comedy Night” and “The Comedy Square” in Paris. Telling and acting out countless childhood stories about her beloved father in his indelible Dominican accent are the cornerstone of her performances.

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