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PLU Open Mic featuring Ruth Bryan

PLU Open Mic featuring Ruth Bryan

Review by Kate Noakes. Photographs by Sean Simerly.

There were a great number of timing issues this week as Beatrice was stuck in last week’s May Day, rehearsing for his performance in Prague, Jason took the nice red car for a Test Drive once more, and previewing his guest spot next week was David Jaggard with his Paris update on the cheerful history of the guillotine. We look forward to another slice of death in the right time frame.

Bob had a spring in this step with his list of beloved wives, which virgin Liam countered with having the right to a broken heart. Getting ready for this year’s summer fashion, Steve was wearing beach sandals with socks, while James was disappointed that the vodka wasn’t a present. Johnny wanted us to walk with him in the rain and promised to meet us half way.

We welcomed back the Belleville Park Pages boys for an all too brief appearance with James in the wrong city going to work in London, and Will who was condensed like holiday milk.

Nick gave us Larkin (sans swearing) and MacNiece,  Ana, Lorca, and David treated up to a new poem, Murmur, ‘my chains float upon water.’ Carole read from a great new sequence taking us from Passover to Pentecost.

Music, almost outnumbering the poets, by Sean, virgin Geraint, Flora,  Amel and Sarah and the fabulous special guest Ruth Bryan, making probably her last appearance in Paris before leaving town. She has such a clear and confident voice. We will seriously miss her.



Ruth Bryan is a songwriter and poet from Seattle WA, where she used to play in the band “Be Honest, Ruth Bryan” and read at open mics at the Richard Hugo House. She recorded two EPs with her band that are available for free download online (Soundcloud, Bandcamp or Noisetrade) and her poems were featured in the local zine; “You have been Eaten by a Hamburger” and the website for women writers in the Northwest PDXX Collective. She is a recent transplant to Paris where she works as an English Teacher by day and a musician and writer by night. She hopes to record her own solo project upon return to the states this year and to compile her poetry into a chapbook someday in the future.

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