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PLU Open Mic featuring Scott Harris

PLU Open Mic featuring Scott Harris

It was an absolute pleasure to host documentary filmmaker Scott Harris at last week’s PLU Open Mic! It seemed there was a lot of love, reflection, backdrops and mic drops  in the room this evening, from soundtracks and breakups to AOL messaging…

Rrrrrround ONE

Fellow host René sang us into the start of the evening with the heart-crushing I’ll soon be part of your soundtrack for not looking back, then accompanying Mallory on Elliot Smith’s “Behind the Bars”. Jason Stoneking was all hot and cold: 2am and shivering/The two of us were warmer together than we could be alone (“Stranger than the Weather”). Lara found a way to make weddings interesting with her pre-ceremony Truth or Dare suggestions, Steve met Sass McGrass from “Other Lives for the Desert” and drove towards the cherry horizon with her in his truck. Alison had a colour-idea chicken and egg conundrum, and Amélie – representing Canada – kicked some ass in preparation for her performance at the Slam Poetry Competition. Finally, to close round one, filmmaker and storyteller Scott Harris stole our hearts with his true stories of falling in love, frustration, desire and happy (?) endings…!

Rrrrrround TWO

Moe read from his brand spanking new book “We Want Everything”, Donald FUCKING HATES THE SACRE CŒUR and prefers the North Sea. Stand-up comedian Mark has fail-proof ways to make your girlfriend love you, Ed read from Virgil’s Eclogues and Marie had a breakup before the breakup. Scott definitely doesn’t have a creepy smile, but should be aware of circumstances,  Cornelius was octo-gone, Sarah-Eleanor was Débussy-inspired and Fred almost sounded like a poet with his synchronicity of waves!

Also in the PLU bible – from which this write-up is created – includes a lot of incoherent babbling by René about needing to pee (although he scratched that out, so clearly the problem was resolved), a drawing of a vulva (thanks, needed that), and slander. He’s hosting next!

PLU Open Mic continues this week with our usual poetics, antics and late-night spontaneous creations. We also have a very special Ginger, Scott P. Harris, taking to the stage to tell his stories and make you laugh and cry. For everyone else, sign up is free and open to all, all night long: sign up starting at 20h, performances from 20h30. Sing, dance, read, recite: this Paris stage is for you!

Scott P. Harris is a documentary filmmaker and all around storyteller who likes to describe himself as a professional idiot. His first film, Being Ginger, is currently streaming on Netflix. He came to Paris a year ago (by way of Texas and then Scotland) to work on a sequel currently entitled “An American Ginger In Paris,” which isn’t actually about his hair at all. His biggest pet peeve is having people stop watching one of his films halfway through to write him an angry letter. Are there really that many people who don’t understand the way story structure and character arcs work?

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