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PLU Open Mic featuring Sebastian Marx

PLU Open Mic featuring Sebastian Marx

Hosted by ERK, photos by Kelly Dochy.

A bellyful of laughs and eccentricities were had on January twenty-second, in the year of twenty fifteen, thanks to our featured performer Sebastian Marx, who is also a *pun alert* stand-up guy…

Round one

Inspirational teacher Elliot read from Taylor Mali’s What Teachers Make (spoiler: it isn’t just a poor wage). From one master to another, Zorro gave his own twist on teaching as well as a dose of Mother Courage (Brecht). Ania went for a completely humdrum approach to olive oil and fridges, concluding on the poignant observation that

“Russians rarely use olive oil…”

Fred with his missing elements quit smoking without really ever being one, and Yuanye (welcome back!) embodied ze artiste before VIRGIN David Blair knew what was coming and rode off after robbers in

“The theater of my memories”

David Sirois had our eyes as wide as saucers when he performed TSE’s The Hollow Man and produced a cat from a bag. Sadly it wasn’t real. Or a puppy. Next time? Rene promised no more shit but things did get a little dark with his murdering Granna. Perfect timing for a light refreshment of laughter with our featured performer Sebastian Marx

(explaining jokes isn’t funny, so just watch this instead)

Round two

Kelly our fabulous photographer put down her lens and SANG with Amel accompanying her! Amel had her own turn in the spotlight next, or at least she should have done if Emily hadn’t got carried away with Elton John. Selfish host. Dina raised the bar with some Neruda and Hilary was feeling hungry for more poetics with “a mouth full of sweet melodies”.

Follow me on this wave of anguish”

Bibi tuned her tonsils with classics Feelin’ Good and “Icelandics love their mother” (but not always their housemates…ouch.) Anna reminded us of where we were with some French, Sebastian treated us to more of his stand-up specials and Chronos blended Dostoesvsky with the Beatles. Alison finished up with a plate of stained glass windows, and “vinegar boiled to egg whites”.

“She sells… shoes in the mall.”

See you on Thursday, boys and girls, and have you submitted your short story to our competition yet??!


This week, PLU Open Mic has a special stand-up treat: bilingual comedian Sebastian Marx!

Sebastian is an American expat and stand up comedian living in Paris who performs his complete One Man Show in both French and English. The First time Sebastian performed comedy (outside of the classroom) was at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York City at the age of 17. Stimulated by this experience, he continued to perform in several clubs in New York and in Boston (where he went to study how delightful life can be when you don’t live at your parents’ place). Fleeing comfort and reason, Sebastian decided to come to France a couple of years after graduating in order to Lind himself… among great cheeses. So, as you can imagine, Sebastian is a bit lost in Paris. Therefore, he has decided to share his expat experiences in his native tongue through a stand up comedy show called “A New Yorker in Paris”, which is so funny that even the French Lind it “not bad”.

Influenced by Woody Allen, Jerry Seinfeld and Louis CK, Sebastian shares his humor that is:
As varied as the American landscape,
As improbable as a Hollywood movie,
As naïve as a cheerleader!!

If Marx had a sibling, he would rename his one-man stand-up act the Karamazov Brothers, just to avoid the comic competition. Okay, okay, I’ll just stick to the straight lines.

Actually, I suspect that Marx is a stage name and that Sebastian’s day job is as a lecturer in cultural translation, an egghead who has reworked his course material to moonlight at the SoGymnase in Paris’s Théâtre du Gymnase Marie Bell to earn a few extra bucks. (In fact, he also has a regular spot on an RTL radio program in which he comments on French culture in French from the point of view of the American expatriate.)

His brand of cultural translation is the crossroads between language and ,what he acts out on stage, e.g., the cold disdain of a French shopkeeper if you fail to say “bonjour” when entering the hallowed premises.

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