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PLU Open Mic featuring Sella Malin

PLU Open Mic featuring Sella Malin

Open Mic last night was a groovy & sultry exaltation with the soulful music and poetry of Sella Malin.

Audrey La Bombasse kicked things off in Round One with a slam piece about violence and silent battles, which was timed for practice purposes and came in at 3 minutes and 7 seconds. Lauren read a poem about soul incarnated into flesh before singing a touching song accompanying herself on the guitar, “Il y a des conséquences pour tout.” Sierra took the stage or her first time with a powerful poem about about happiness being a side effect, giving her pain buddy a hug, dancing with father Time’s friend, and then another poem about her song and the moist autumn leaves. Timo sang a splendid version of Bob Dylan’s “North Country Blues”, then a song of his own about wolves, and “lost souls that have been beaten.” Marius sang Mary Queen Jane and then a beautifully felt version of Black is the Color. European Son kept the music going with a few of his songs, about pretty ladies who he’s been writing his songs about. Alex read from a piece about the creative process itself, about how it spontaneously combusts, how the sound if it is unholy. Belca listed numbers about people, then went on to dimensions and finally made a plea for a harmonious life lived with an open mind. Sella took the stage, launching her feature with a poem about the night T**** was elected, then singing about how she’d like to light it on fire.

Sella came back in Round Two, mentioning offhand how she likes to throw cigarettes off of rooftops and lighting up the night with a few more songs. Sarah Helena read an ode to Paris, mentioning how it smells like a piss house, telling it “You’re mine”, sitting with it in patience, knowing she is high maintenance. Clive recounted an improbable story about a traveler with a radiator just the brand and model that he needed. Ash Orphan sang two songs of which one from Ben Howard. Emily read the ultimate romantic poem, describing someone as the lid to her tupperware, about how cooking with this person is bewitching, how the person is much like broccoli bits in her sieve, then a more intensely dramatic piece, “I can’t hear you because my eyes are closed.” Kwana recited a poem about clouds holding wind and massaging the dawn and blood diamond nostalgia. Fred delivered a comedic take on the not-so-funny battle he is currently engaged in with insomnia, about ninja-turtle-underwear-flashing reminiscences whose embarrassment keeps the sleep at bay. Jonathan broke down a poem by Trump, finding in it alliteration, ellipsis, replication and mirror structure. Lynn read from Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet, about joy and sadness. Katie and Marius sang a lively version of Little Talks by Monsters & Men. Drnb rapped in Japanese, impressively, never missing a beat or a syllable. Jemma closed the evening with a poem “This is how I pray” about heavenly therapy and shades of blue jay.

PLU Open Mic floats on Thursday March 2nd to the soulful singing of Sella Malin!

Sella Malin is a singer-songwriter, poet, writer, stand up comedian (sometimes), actress, hedonist and professional nomad hailing from San Francisco. One of Paris’s many ex-lovers, she has currently found herself residing in New York, though her global location typically changes every 6-10 months. She spends her time throwing stability and normality under the bus in lieu of the thrilling call of the unknown. Her music is influenced by dark cabaret, soul, trip-hop, and blues. She writes songs about the inner workings of atypical minds, and the haunting, hypnotic worlds that thrive within them. Sella had the great pleasure of joining Paris Lit Up on their Grand Tour Italy in April 2016, and she is overjoyed at the opportunity to grace the PLU stage once again. It’s been too long, Paris, old friend.

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