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PLU Open Mic featuring Shannon Cain

PLU Open Mic featuring Shannon Cain

Host: Emily Ruck Keene, photos by JFMcG.

August was meant to be quiet. It’s supposed to be quiet in Paris “en août”, right? NOT AT PLU OPEN MIC! Poets, prosaists, artists, creatives, drunks and gamblers all headed for Culture Rapide on Thursday, August 21, and this is what went down…

Mr. Ironique David Jaggard hates opera singers but loves his band (FYI writers if you’re looking to submit some work, check out, Thomas aka T-bag  took a selfie from Australia and participated in a porno

“I think, therefore I spam”

Steve might not look like a trucker but does a great baby wail. Sam Rossi-Harries came back! And now he’s gone again. Typical. But at least he’s a personable guy, and didn’t get his willy out. Chronos made time stop with his “not terrible” English, his wind impressions, love of rock and hairstyle observations.

Yann, the voice of all unreason, hitched a ride on a comet before being violated by a gang of feral telemarketers.

“Welcome to the drone age”

Bob introduced us to the brilliant writer Essex Hemphill, and Gus raced through…well, no-one really got it, expect we really did. VIRGIN René was coerced in reading, and definitely has a voice for the radio. Moe was our passionate reminder that some things in this world cannot be tolerated (Ferguson Missouri).

**Shannon Cain** was our featured reader and, boy, did she get us all hot and sweaty. Then a little bit sad. Then more than a little bit awed as we realised how much she packs into her writing. Thank you France, for sending her to us!

“I was a peace activist and he was a warrior”

“Kappa Kappa spank me”

“How can you be a decent activist and practice discretion?”

Round Two

Glasses refilled and unfresh air inhaled, round two started with Shannon’s part two of her chapter one. Rumour is, the press were in the house and have invited her to go on TV following her performance!

“Once you write something you make it true”

Pilots. War. Group sex. Sadness. Betrayal. Love. Disappointment. Thongs.

VIRGIN! Kaaren shared a beautifully touching personal memory of Robin Williams, Jason took us to some Tunisian nights, and Boomie crowned himself King Boomie of Spam and pineapples. Time for some music with the unique voice of Flora, the incredible lyricist

“I never knew the force of everything I’d need”

David – coo – Sirois had some words about silence and William Carlos Williams, and Amruta got nostalgic with some killer lines, like

“the horizon smudges into secrecy.”

“Twilight is the light for lyric poetry.”

“The winestain of an unforgotten passion.”

VIRGIN! Benjamin might have lost nearly all his writing, but delved into the recesses of his phone for some automatic poetry in French, Anna’s post-pilgrimage body rustled awake, and Eliott couldn’t help himself but recite some Robert Frost for David. Bromance. Awww.


Look how handsome we all are:

Workshop facilitator Shannon Cain has taught fiction writing at the University of Leipzig, the University of Arizona, Gotham Writers’ Workshop, Arizona State University, and most recently as a core faculty member in the MFA program at Bennington College. In 2012 she organized The Santa Rita Writers’ Workshop. Her first book, The Necessity of Certain Behaviors, won the 2011 Drue Heinz Literature Prize, the largest cash award in the U.S. for an unpublished collection of stories. Her work also has been awarded the O. Henry Prize, two Pushcarts, and a fellowship from the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts. In 2014, the French government awarded her a 3-year Skills and Talents visa in the arts. In 2013 and 2014, Shannon’s current and former clients published six books; placed twenty-three stories or poems in literary journals; won four national writing contests, were accepted into two MFA programs, and completed one postgraduate fellowship.


Every Thursday in English (other languages too – when in Rome, speak French) at the historic home of French Slam poetry, Culture Rapide (103 Rue Julien Lacroix, 75020).  If you would like to read, dance, sing or otherwise express yourself, sign up is open and free to all starting at 8pm-ish. We go until we drop – which means all night long! In any language. Or no language at all. No limits. Extreme poetry. Nudity encouraged.
Plus, each week featured readers from around the world are invited to strut their stuff before our rowdy but respectful audience.
Rotating hosts Jason Mc Gimsey, Kate Noakes, Emily Ruck Keene.

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