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PLU Open Mic featuring Simon Rogghe & Zarina Zabrisky

PLU Open Mic featuring Simon Rogghe & Zarina Zabrisky

Photography by Marie de Lutz.

Late nights with Paris Lit Up in sunglasses. ‘Cuz, ya know: it’s always sunny when you’re cool. The evening began with the duo L’insaissisable + Lucy, performing Mina Loy first because they were out eating last week when they were called. René went On vacation with kids, an experience that included lots of vomit. In the car. In his hair. Kate, leaving Paris in a few days, said her Hello, Goodbye – tears, hugs and shots of vodka followed: we’ll miss you! Victor sang a smooth calypso classic and Moe Gershwin’s It ain’t necessarily so… Third singer in a row, virgin JP blasted out Your First a cappella. Ryan did some stand-up comedy about when he was Woody Allen’s driver, and virgin David strummed an original with a stolen title, Love’s Labors Lost. Then our special guests Simon Rogghe & Zarina Zabrisky did this:

Round 2 began with Richard‘s sweet flamenco stylings, followed by a virgin: Juliette convinced to nice boys to play along with her Sick of Living in Paris in French. Not satisfied, we sacrificed virgin Jec and his Justice for Genocide. Ed secretly cheated on Rafik by reading prose alone. James came back from that rainy island off the coast of France to combine stand-up comedy and Joy Division into one. Ethan is leaving though, so he tried to confuse us between sex shops and Sect shops. PLU was then overwhelmed by Tané: his jokes were funny (kinda), but his guitar blew our minds. By popular demand (i.e. people wouldn’t stop cheering) he even did an encore. Wow. Check him out here. The two nice boys (see above), Roman + Jay played Pretty Little Thing and Mostly it’s the Same. The evening ended from musical readings from our special guest’s latest publication Green Lions.

See everyone next week for our special guest Tony Wilson’s spokenword hiphop stylings!

This week, PLU’s regular Open Mic – free for all, sign up starting at 20h – is excited to feature two performative artists all the way from San Francisco, CA, Zarina Zabrisky & Simon Rogghe. Their lively words, voices, songs and dances will shine the Parisian night, not to be missed!

When Zarina Zabrisky and Simon Rogghe started writing poems to each other, a “third mind” was created. Their poems dissolve boundaries between their separate identities. Like the surrealists, they believe that literature is bigger than its authors, that art is bigger than an artist. They launched their first book of collaborative poetry, Green Lions (Numina Press), in San Francisco with a full-scale theater show blending poetry, music and dance.

Zarina Zabrisky is the author of the short story collections IRON and A CUTE TOMBSTONE as well as the forthcoming collection EXPLOSION (Epic Rites Press), and a novel WE, MONSTERS (Numina Press). Her work was published in six countries. She is a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee and a recipient of a 2013 Acker Award.

Simon Rogghe is a poet, fiction writer and translator of French surrealism and contemporary fiction, currently earning his Ph.D. in French literature at UC Berkeley. His work has appeared in over twenty literary journals, including 3:AM MagazineLiterary Orphans and Paris Lit Up.

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