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PLU Open Mic featuring Steve Dalachinsky

PLU Open Mic featuring Steve Dalachinsky

Hosted by Bob D. with photos & vids by JFMcG.

It was an exuberant three-rounder at Culture Rapide tonight with an exceptional performance by our special guest reader, Steve Dalachinsky, and stellar compositions by over 20 readers, musicians and dancers. Voyages — literal, metaphorical, transcendent — were an over-arching theme traversing the night’s literary landscape.

Round 1

Jason started off the evening with Mortality of Metamorphosis, a prose passage on the changing forms of “true mortals.” Will shared sculptural opportunities followed by a long stare at the Joneses. Engendered by Borges, James journeyed to labyrinths and sphinxes with sonnet stop from e.e. cummings. Antonia ruminated on postcards, films and truth in Another Kodak Moment and the aftermath of When Death was a little Boy.

Yann revealed “man bears” in Skirt Season and the ecology of The Human Micro-Biome. Parisians Roman and Tristan rocked their guitars followed by a tranquil instrumental piece. Moe delved into human intricacies with Severed Limbs and One Brick Shy of a Load and we floated to awareness with Frank in Wounded Moon and My Body is a Torn Mattress.

Round 2

Yuko transported us to a trolley in New Orleans, a rooming house in Los Angeles and a hotel room with a view in Butte, Montana.

Steve flew us to San Francisco, Giverny, and the netherworlds of mass graves and waiting rooms with a repertoire that included As In My Name Is, Another Long Wait in the Waiting Room, and Just Two Eyes Like Poets.

Round 3

Simon and Zarina combined dance, music and poetry with a dash of surrealism. Karla introduced us to the magic of the Wish-olin and Fred regaled us with his metro journey from couch to open mic. Julian shared bathroom etiquette before venturing on to fake flowers, broken bottles and lilacs. We visited dreams, gardens and dark houses with Donald on a bi-lingual excursion.

The melodious voice of Eliott summoned us to 19th century France and Victor Hugo. Lauren gave us a disco wonderland with Piñata and shifting emotions during morning Coffee. Troy touchingly spoke of pain and pleasure inherent in relationships with How to Build a Time Machine. Lily whisked us away on our second trip to Montana with Degrees of Gray in Philipsburg and Anna wrapped up the evening with a French tune from Jeanne Moreau.

Steve Dalachinsky was born in 1946 in Brooklyn, New York right after the last big war and has managed to survive lots of little wars. His work has appeared extensively in journals on & off line including; Big Bridge, Milk, Tribes, Unlikely Stories, Ratapallax, Evergreen Review, Long Shot, Alpha Beat Soup, Upstairs at Duroc,, Xtant, Blue Beat Jacket, The Brooklyn Review. He is included in such anthologies as Beat Indeed, The Haiku Moment, Up is Up But So is Down: NYU Downtown Literary Anthology, the Unbearables anthologies: Help Yourself, The Worse Book I Ever Read and The Big Book of Sex (of which he is a co-editor) and the esteemed Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. He has written liner notes for the CDs of many artists including Anthony Braxton, Charles Gayle, James “Blood” Ulmer, Rashied Ali, Roy Campbell, Evan Parker, Matthew Shipp and Roscoe Mitchell. His 1999 CD, Incomplete Direction (Knitting Factory Records), a collection of his poetry read in collaboration with various musicians, has garnered much praise. His chapbooks include Musicology (Editions Pioche, Paris 2005), Trial and Error in Paris (Loudmouth Collective 2003), Lautreamont’s Laments (Furniture Press 2005), In Glorious Black and White (Ugly Duckling Presse 2005), Dream Book (Avantcular Press 2005), Christ Amongst the Fishes – a book of collages (Oilcan Press 2009), Insomnia Poems (Propaganda Press 2009), Invasion of the Animal People (Propaganda Press 2010), The Mantis: collected poems for Cecil Taylor 1966-2009 (Iniquity Press 2011/12), Trust fund Babies (Unlikely Stories Press 2012) The Veiled Doorway & St. Lucie (Unarmed Press 20012), Long Play E.P. (Corrupt Press, 2012) and From the Belly of Civilization – a book of color collages (Tonerworks Press 2013). His book The Final Nite (complete notes from a Charles Gayle Notebook, Ugly Duckling Presse 2006) won the 2007 Josephine Miles PEN National Book Award. His most recent books are Logos and Language, a collaboration with pianist Matthew Shipp(Rogueart Press 2007), Reaching into the Unknown, a collaborative project with  French photographer Jacques Bisceglia, RogueArt 2009) and A Superintendent’s Eyes (Unbearables/Autonomedia Books 2013). His latest CDs are Phenomena of Interference, a collaboration with pianist Matthew Shipp (Hopscotch Records 2005), Merci Por Le Visite with Didier Lassere and Sebastian Capezza (Amor Fati – Bordeaux 2007), Massive Liquidity, with the alternative rock duo, The Snobs (Bambalam Records – Bordeaux 2012) , The Bill Has Been Paid with the extraordinary bassist Joelle Leandre (Dark Tree Records – Paris 2013) and The Fallout of Dreams with David Liebman and guest Richie Beirach (Rogueart – Paris 2013). He has read throughout the N.Y. area, the U.S., Japan and Europe, including France and Germany. He has participated in the Poetry Biennial Festival of Val de Marne, the Sons d’Hiver Festival of Paris and the Grim Festival in Marseilles. He is a contributing writer to the Brooklyn Rail. He has recently been nominated for a PEN Oakland Lifetime Achievement Award though he’s not sure why.

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