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PLU Open Mic featuring Steve Nahaj

PLU Open Mic featuring Steve Nahaj

March marched off into the horizon at Open Mic last week, officially sending the winter packing. Starting strong, Ray (competitor at next Tuesday’s Slam) threw down with a new Beat 87, Moe followed East Coast style with Blue Manhattan Sky (in Central Park), and then we sacrificed Brady’s short story Method Within The Madness. Lauren thought it was already July, but it didn’t matter because Amel admitted I Fall In Love Everyday. Chris “Theaterpin” Newens plugged Montmartre Dionysia, Yann became Le Dictateur Des Mots in Hypermarkets and the and formerly known as Blue Love (Ed + Rafik) broke up, reforming one week later as Blue Whit and performed more Samba Latina. Our featured guest, Steve Nahaj tried to sell us his brand new book Welcome To The Abyss with a mystifying video reading in the dark.

Round Two

Life Gives You Lemons if you are Kate, Ruben lost his virginity while Sitting and Kelly sang Where’d You Go To My Lovely? Milena sang a song called Closet Poet and recited a poem called This Poem Needs A Second. Ethan asked himself Do You Need To See Someone? Vicky and Blacky sang French punk (or as close to punk as the French can get…) , then Steve came back: get his book now!

Hic Sunt Drunkones

That’s a play on words only Ed will get. But it doesn’t matter, because by the time we got to the third round everybody was really, really soused. DRnB accappella, Maria attempted to maintain the semblance of normalcy with a poem inspired from Hiroshima Mon Amour. The Rose came up to tell a story, but only because she had enjoyed several beers on an empty stomach. Conner is Irish: ‘nuff said. Maxx is Russian and spells his name with two Xs: ‘nuff said. Vanessa is English: ‘nuff said. Alex played Girls Just Wanna Have Fun as a (moving) ballad. We wouldn’t have believed it if we hadn’t been skunked. Charles and the Peanut Factory, our new troop of Drunk French Clowns made idiots of themselves (all night actually, but then we let them do it on stage too). Finally, Daniel plowed throw two great chapters of his latest work, The Unbearable Lightness of Tinder.




Sometimes they return: with published novels! We’re inviting Steve Nahaj back to re-re-relaunch his debut novel, Welcome to the Abyss!

For everyone one else, sign up is free starting at 20h and goes all night long. Sing, dance, read, perform, strip, stand in silence: the stage is yours, no limits. Make noise, be loud, be proud.

Steve Nahaj has been writing and wandering for the past decade. His work is largely based on his adventures, which include one year spent driving a tractor trailer across America and another in Paris. He’s also produced and directed for various films and television shows in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. A frequent traveler, he can be found anywhere that smells of gasoline, attic must, or fresh-brewed espresso.

Welcome to the Abyss is his debut novel.

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