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PLU Open Mic featuring Steve Nahaj

PLU Open Mic featuring Steve Nahaj

Apologies for the delay, dear readers. Here’s your host’s resume of what shakeouts and shenanigans shook the shtage on April 7 #! (shebang)

Ursula dove headfirst into an awful lot of salty water with Pat Ingoldsby’s “Vagina in the Vatican”, followed by Lara’s experiment in free will on our resident guinea pig René. Next, Nick read Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy”, Moe read some Moe Poems – “The poem is a web that a poet spins from his own gut” – and René tried to make #ToplessThursday a thing (he’s free on weekends FYI). Topless VIRGIN Patrick bravely theorised on Seamus Heaney’s sexual preferences and seminal needs, and our VIP Featured Reader Steve Nahaj admirably refused to succumb to peer pressure, keeping his clothes closed and new novel “Other Lives for the Desert” open. BUY HIS BOOK!

Round two saw the night owls gather on the branches of the bar. Yaël told us tales from the Culture Rapide toilet, Yasser was feeling romantic with St Valentin, Ed #ToplessThursday told us about Dominic Stevenson’s workshop from the week prior, and Lorenzo brought some Italy to PLU, just as PLU was being brought to Italy. Simon was half-asleep, and Charlotte went scuba-diving with her ukulele. Steve gave us some more selections from his novel, and we hitchhiked into the musical finale of the evening… Mallory showed where hip-hop meets acapella, Katie was in pain but thankfully high, and Sella applied her keyboard to the concept of lost alcohol.

#ToplessThursday is not a thing, ok?

Buy Steve’s book


April 7! Join PLU as we officially launch Steve Nahaj‘s brand-new novel: Other Lives For The Desert. For everyone else, Open Mic sign up starts around 20h and goes all night long. You can do, well, just about anything. Amuse us, amaze us, take us all the way.

Steve Nahaj has spent the past decade wandering throughout the US and Europe, which has provided a platform of experiences for his autobiographical fiction novels. His adventures include one year traveling via 18-wheeler and another living in Paris, maintaining a narrative focus on coming-of-age absurdity and mindfulness in our hyperactive 21st century.

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