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PLU Open Mic featuring Steve Nahaj

PLU Open Mic featuring Steve Nahaj

Deep into August, only the diehard Parisian writers and poets floated through the empty streets of the City of Light up the hill to Belleville. Bob was a Dead Poet or a Lesson in Comedy, Emily began her midlife crisis publicly with Marry Me (or not), Bill came back with The Aftertaste of Something Strange and Delicious followed by something Homemade and Sweet Smelling – he musta had a great dinner before coming. Nick, last week’s special guest, gave a proper lecture entitled The Poet’s Place in this Day and Age, although he initially thought about calling it The Place of the Poet in this Day and Age – a deep, philosophically nuanced choice. Megan reported injustice and Chronos flipped between English, French and David Bowe with his My Parisian is Me. Lastly, David Sirois recited Harded Criminals turned to Fig Newtons – no wait, Teen Angst in a Can of Red Bull – no wait, Pigeon on Fire with Intense Desire – no wait, A Thing Made.

Our Special guest was Steve Nahaj who did a never-before-seen video poetry performance. He has been writing and wandering for the past five years, one of which was spent behind the wheel of a semi-truck, and another here in Paris. His debut semi-autobiographical novel Welcome to the Abyss chronicles his transatlantic adventures, exploring depression in modern day society as a major theme. Although we didn’t get any pictures (dead camera battery), we did get him to send over his clips:

Welcome to the Abyss | chapter 4 extract


After the break, we saw Anna sing naked (O.O) and Boomie came back in honor of Robin William’s tragic death… Chris Newens, playwright extraordinaire, did a short piece called The Labor with the help of Bob, Amruta (V) steamed up all the windows with You Compel Me, Missy wrote her own name in the book and sang a little ditty inspired by Phoebe: Larry the Lobster. Then we got some more drugged-out video reading by Steve:

Welcome to the Abyss | chapter 11 extract

Last, but certainly not least, the talented Flora silenced the night with her haunting rendition of Leonard Cohen’s Passing Through.

See you next week!

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