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PLU Open Mic featuring the M.E.P.

PLU Open Mic featuring the M.E.P.

Thursday evening came and went like a thief in the night. No, wait. On Thursday night a thief came and went… with our slick new camera. A warrant is out for the a$$hole’s arrest.

But we bucked up, drank another gin, and got on with the show… one that featured 15 anonymous Italians and a lot of glue!


The Doctor of RnB started us off with a groove, Namiso was as cold and swift as a bullet, and Hamza passed the parcel.

“masochistically yours”

Bob brought some transitory essentials, Christian – inspired by our anonymous Italians – read Jenny Holzer

“Rejoice! Our times are incorrigible!”

“Fear is the most elegant weapon”

Sarah had one hour of sleep and woke us up with her morning coffee, Elliot drowned in plaster, crossed out Rimbaud, and didn’t mention Gaddafi – although he did mention Cavafy.

Moe kept us up to date with the news, Daniella was feeling the “night of real shit happening onstage”, and our virginal pound of flesh/tourist Evan broke the walls of Jericho. We finished the first round on a whoreish announcement… then we took out our glue guns and got stuck in to an al fresco fresco

Some sticky hands later we got going for round two, and Megan came in swinging with Andrea Gibson’s “I Do” (damn I love that poem), VIRGIN Ania had some Brodsky for us, VIRGIN Riteba has met some awful people on trains, and Kerris took us on a trip past coats, buses and chicken, finishing on Auden.

Eliott was a natural successor (with more Auden) and his very own “perle precieuse”. Boomie came back from war too late with his flowery hands and VIRGIN Brienne was quieter than velvet in her Self Portrait. Emily (not your host, the other one) celebrated her 6 year anniversary with a beautiful piece of her own in French, and Julien has a fridge to sell and a book of creepy poems. Dina brought us back to our coffee from earlier, and Amruta was stylishly late with “words like bridges, traverse and unite.”

See y’all next week – BRING CAMERAS

This week Paris Lit Up Open Mic will host a special group of (anonymous) guests who are coming all the way up from Italy to render our Parisian walls a little more poetic: the Movement for the Emancipation of Poetry!

After a short presentation, Open Mikers will be invited to take a quick stroll around the neighborhood. Poets and writers are strongly encouraged to bring several copies of their work destined for public view…

To get an idea of what they’re all about, check out their website:


Manifesto of the Movement for the Emancipation of Poetry

Today, in vulgar contemporary society, poetry does not hold the role that, for cultural and historical reasons, it is entitled to. This is not because it no longer carries the ability to communicate and elicit emotions, feelings and fantasies, but rather because although poetry continues to be written, it is no longer read, the preference being for cheap empty entertainment over the noble and difficult exercise of spirited thought.

The MEP does not intend to redefine the concept of poetry nor seek to circumscribe it with any form of “ism”. MEP is committed to hand back to poetry the hegemonic role in the arts it deserves, while not confining it to the exclusive preserve of a small elite, but bringing it to the people, on the streets and in the squares.

The MEP tries, when possible, to pivot on the intrinsic qualities of the written word, for the word is read and decoded the moment it is seen.

The Movement for the Emancipation of Poetry was founded in Florence in March 2010. Since then more groups have flourished throughout Italy, and poems of the Movement are today to be found on the walls of Milan, Rome, Turin, Pisa, Bari, Padua, Genoa, Bologna, Venice, Grosseto, Bolzano, Naples, Catania and other smaller municipalities.

MEP is a non-hierarchical movement who welcome all poets without any kind of selection, the only imposition for them is the condition of anonymity, so that poetry in itself is put in the spotlight rather than individual authors.

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