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PLU Open Mic featuring The Worms

PLU Open Mic featuring The Worms

There was dancing, drinking, jiving, loving and leapfrogging last Thursday at the weekly PLU open mic featuring the wild wild Worms! Photos by Kelly Dochy, hosted by ERK.

Nick was back with some beautiful W.H. Auden – “Oh tell me the truth about love” and the famous “Funeral Blues”. Allison took the bus back three years ago between sketches. Scott (who has a screening on Monday evening at Shakespeare and Co.) introduced us to storyteller Frank Stockton and his “The Lady, or the Tiger”. Kelly also had a shoutout – for Les ClochArts Célestes – before she crossed the bridge and wondered if she’d be followed.

Bill had a reply to the school shootings that Scott had referenced the previous time, as well as a Poem for Catherine

Dirty brown mist all around

Jordan and his blue hand gave us a new song from his album Teenage Eschaton, and Marina continued in the vein of death with… more death, then Try Love Again. Jovan was just another (creepy) American man obsessed with muscled French women (in their apartments).

Then it was time for our super special hillbilly performers – The Worms! James, Joel and Trey brought with them a double bass, banjo, harmonica and guitar all the way from Pennsylvania. Our feet were a’tapping, our mouths were a’singing and our bodies were a’swinging/swigging.

Round two, back into the hullabaloo, we started off with Missy and Jeller and the sweetest death duet. Julien J was back, for all too brief a moment, but long enough to read us “Spring – Time – Mercy” with barkings of madness and magic, and fragments of orbital verse.

Time for some Italian inspiration, firstly with Lorenzo and his Ode to a Dancer. Ania brought her mum and her singing voice to play Judas from Jesus Christ Superstar the musical, and Theo (a faux-Italian) gave us a bilingual reading of Pasolini. DrNB sang your host’s favorite “Shadow in the Night” complete with a CAPE (amazing) and then The Worms came back for more musical mayhem. Cue dancing, singing, laughing and leap-frogging.



THURS APRIL 30: Paris’ loudest Open Mic continues this week with a whole bunch o’ hillybilly noise with The Worms! A home grown weirdo, hillbilly, folk band trio from Reading, Pennsylvania, USA, they will make you dance with James Jewell singing, Joel Henry playing the Banjo and the mighty Trey Lerue on the double bass.

Sign-up starts at 8pm, we get going around 8.30. See you there!

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