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PLU Open Mic featuring Thomas Spencer

PLU Open Mic featuring Thomas Spencer

PLU open mic 26/2/2015
Special Guest – Thomas Spencer
Hosted by ERK & Z, photos by Kelly

We started in professional, let’s get down to business, announcement mode with Chris Newens’ shout-out for this year’s Montmartre Dionysia and Kelly’s for the Poetry Brothel. Then we democratically decided to scrap any further elements of organisation and opted for a lottery-style selection method. So, in no particular order – and certainly not the order of the night – here’s who owned the stage on February 26 2015…

Round one

Mo got the ball rolling with 3 Mo Poems “as you lie sleeping my night is longer than your day” and Lights Out. Elisa gave us her short story The Romantics, Maria reflected on the destruction after Hurricane Sandy and Bridget dropped pennies into the swear jar while reading an extremely important email from her mum. Emily will never be trending, and David works at the space agency that exists under Les Halles (you wondered why the building works were taking so long… it’s all a facade) aka the center of the world. Alison told us a snippet of ice, snow and snapping potato-headed people.

Thomas Spencer was our excellent (and very modest) Special Guest this week. His poetry is captivating, a pleasure to listen to, meticulously structured and catches you off-guard with swoops of depth…

Wozzie Wombulus

The Lyrebird

Indeed indeed


How grand it is to see you soften

Round 2

Rose shared a beautiful story about the cruel disease that is Alzheimers, Steve (yes, he’s back, and he’s published a novel!) had no more money and a cigarette

A place becomes a museum of memories

Dolores shared Sculptures from the floor, Sonia wowed with Argentinian music, Thomas treated us to The Bus Ride and my particular favourite 743, Ed and Rafik made Latin even more sexy than it already is and Nicolas played us some Arctic Monkeys. Marina had something to say about her ex, and Emily handed over the reins to Zorro for a JAM PACKED THIRD ROUND!!


That’s right! Apparently hosting twice this month just isn’t enough for me, the masked literary bandit, so when Emily gave out the call, I stepped up to the plate for the beer-infused craziness that is:

Round 3: Hic Sunt Dragones!

The round kicked off with virgins Fabien et Vincent, performing a live guitar+synth duet on stage, cementing Paris Lit Up’s electronica future, and Henri and virgin Nelson whipped out a kickass melodeon solo to bring us right back to the 80’s, and finally, PLU musical stalwart DRNB made sure that The party goes on in the final track of his album “Mental Metamorphosis”.
Shifting back to poetry, Kelly read the next chapter in her ongoing Prophet series, and Lauren proved her editor chops by editing a poem written in the break between rounds, Never mind, live on stage, while Chris made us privy to an honest conversation with himself on the metro… one I’m sure we’ve all had before.
Amrutha flew a feminist flag with “For women who are hard to love, and Bibi read us a poem about fish and dedicated this round to Mamadou. Vale, friend to one of ours and honoured by all, may our words bring you peace wherever you are now.
Connor picked up the PLU official guitar and played some tunes from the Handsome Family, setting us up to fall to Maxx‘s haunting refrain: “If we haven’t been lucky in love, maybe we will be more lucky in death”. Finally, the night was brought to a beautiful close by virgin Milena‘s beautiful voice and guitar skills, here despite the charms of the Boy in Berlin.



We’re kicking off the Chinese New Year this week with the same ol’ Open Mic antics and our special resident guest, Thomas Spencer.

Thomas Spencer was born in Australia and has lived in Europe for 8 years. He moved to Paris 4 years ago, and started writing after discovering the Paris open mic scene. He writes in his spare time, and his self deprecation hides nagging, but as yet unfulfilled, literary ambitions. He likes hiking, cooking, listening to music, and laughing.

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