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PLU Open Mic featuring Tom Bem

PLU Open Mic featuring Tom Bem

Memorable, unforgettable night at PLU this Thursday. So many reads, such good vibes. And a special guest, Tom Bem, on his way to the top.

Kate hates when I make her go first. So I make her go first. She sent Maya Angelou off with I know why the caged bird sings and Still I rise, topping it off with her own Being someone’s Sarah. Zaid, a Virgin, read form his short story Boiling Eggs. Janis came over from her Open Mic in Belford with the following performance:

Her dashing gentleman Donall said Thank You for having called him a cunt, performed a self-Autospy and said I feel pretty about it all. David Sirois did some Guessing About his swollen tongue. Lisa, a French Virgin – oh la la – sang a beautiful rendition of Carmen Maria Vega‘s En Attendant. Spectacular. Sean Simerly did his hit pop song Falling Out followed by another PLU Virgin Sarah-Claire who read some Manchester flash fiction Off the grid, Clean me and I see electric. Finally Annie broke up in three parts: When I think of you, when you think of me and I cannot make you love me.

Then our special guest Tom Bem did something like this:

We continued with Steve reading from his freshly completed Welcome to the abyss, Beatrice – PLU’s official model – performing Slow lightning by memory, Bob from The Bob World in his conversation with god about the Truth of Creationism, Richard read She walks like beauty and Olivia, the third sacrificial Virgin of the night, lectured Priest. Before it got too late, Mr. Bem took the stage again and did, among other things, this song:

Late as it was, it did not stop there. Before the 1 a.m. bell tolled, we got to hear ThomasProbably not and Alexa‘s Rules of the game. Sadly, it was Johnny‘s last time so he gave The poke to his ghost and spit toothpaste everywhere. Since talent runs in the family, Ruth followed, again for the last time on the PLU stage, with I was a poor man’s daughter. Remi came over from Belleville Park with his Pages and performed for us Naive mortals, Liam TAP TAP read TAP TAP his City TAP TAP inspired by TAP Jackson TAP TAP Pollock. James, Virgin n° 4 did some great improvised Irish Stand Up Comedy then, finally, late and drunk, we had David Sirois fly us home.


Along with our normal shenanigans, rising star of the British music scene, Tom Bem, will be our special musical guest this week. Tom comes to us fresh from a gig at Ronnie Scott’s in London. Everything you want to know about him is here.
Or you can listen to tons of his tracks on Soundcloud.

Make sure you catch him, so you can tell your grandchildren you saw him for free in a dingy bar in Paris before he was famous.

PLU Open Mic is free and open to all starting at 20hish… Sign-up goes all night long and any form of self-expression is encouraged. Read, sing, dance or perform a stupid human trick.

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