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PLU Open Mic featuring Tony Wilson

PLU Open Mic featuring Tony Wilson

Photos courtesy of Brenda.
Inaugurating our new, improved dead animal PLU Bible were twenty guests, including three virgins and a badass spokenword hip-hop artist all the way from Louisiana: Tony Wilson.

Round 1 began with PLU’s sweeter half, Emily Ruck Keene reading La danse de Matisse from PLU Magazine n°2: get your copy on discount summer sale now! L’Insaissisable put the Paris in Paris Lit Up with his spoken word Depuis la nuit du massacre, followed by the smooth opera voice of Maria performing from Cats. Our first virgin sacrifice of the evening was Italian: Eduardo’s poem C’est jolie Belleville le dimanche – but also on Thursday! Two virgins for the price of one with L.A.’s Cameron reading Beginning. David Andrew strummed a few chords for The goddess of the sea while another David remembered Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, murdered 33 years ago in New York. Blue Wit warmed up the crowd with Catullus 51 and 58 then introducing a new French-blues style with Edward Leer’s The duck and the kangaroo. So everyone was already hopping about when our featured guest Tony Wilson did this:

Round 2 kicked off with the tallest Canadian in Paris René poking fun at Amruta with his Starbucks Chai Tea, Ryan followed suit and comically revealed The darkside of hosting through AirBnB. A French virgin, Paloma, lit up the audience with a slam piece Pour les femmes. Mr. Moe Seager invited Missy onstage to say goodbye with Sixteen Tons (modified) and Missy sent a lot of sticky love to her PLU family with a song about semen, with the help of her hubby Jelle. We’ll miss you Missy! Shannon read the first chapter from her newly finished novel, The Book of Cain, Lucy admitted that she Looks at strangers, Amruta dedicated a piece to Indina and Conor recited Poe’s Raven entirely from memory. A song set of Tony Wilson‘s hiphop closed out the evening with everyone dancing!


This hot Parisian week we’ve got a special guest coming all the way back from the US of A: Tony Wilson.

A man of the people… leader of the underdog! Minneapolis both and raised, Tony Wilson’s charismatic charm and high energy presence, makes him a powerful performer.

After forming Teamvision Entertainment, a multi-faceted production company in 2011, he released 2 mixtape and one EP. Striving to take his message worldwide. Tony Wilson works to build international bridges by spreading rawkus love and empowerment through spree lyricism with conscious motivational rhythm in his rhymes. Whether with a DJ or his 5 piece band, The Long Road Home, Tony brings an eclectic mashing of high energy hip hop, classic boom bap, funk and rock influences.

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