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PLU Open Mic featuring Tony Wilson

PLU Open Mic featuring Tony Wilson

Hosted by JFMcG. Photos by Charlie.

You all made my last Open Mic of 2014 a memorable one. At least until sometime in the third round, somewhere near the witching hour, when I began to only see drunken blurs. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Since a few PLUers promised me that they actually read these reports and since a few others said my last report was crap, I’m going to tell you all, all about it. Well, at least as much as my now Port soaked brain can remember…

First Round

Clean and sober, we started with longtime absentee friend, Mr. James Jewel. Now that he lives just up the hill (next time he comes, we’ll have the afterparty at his swag pad), he finally came to read from his collection, published by corrupt press, Ships made of Fake Fur. Bob followed with his Life diving and then had Nothing to do. For magic number three, we sacrificed a virgin: Alison gave it up to a Curving line of a beard and, still unsatisfied, finished with It begins to glow red. We met her at our Saturday Drop-In Writing Workshop, a.k.a. our virgin funnel. Nanisò followed with a dedication to Eric Gomer and then got real honest with Fuck polyamorous love. PLU’s official top model, Beatrice (literally “one-who-bestows-beauty”), came back from Turin to tell us her John Burger Story. Tristan provided our first musical interlude with The Band‘s classic sing-along, The weight. We doubled down our El(l)iot(t)s: Eliott Two Ts recided Agrégent (by memory, obviously) and then read Rosa Barber’s Bones; Elliot Two Ls instead took a Shower and then smuggled his Thanks/No Thanks to PLU. Thanks. Our last performer before calling up our special guest was Rose who also dedicated some of her breath to Eric. There could have been no better introduction for our special guest, Tony Wilson, who came all the way from Louisiana to slam some of his words for us faux Parisians. A brilliant performer, it’ll be a lot easier to do him justice by, well, letting himself do it.

Round Two

Back from the break, Jordan took off his gloves to sing his original, We know what education is for. Daniela had an Occupational hazard for Aspiring allies (assholes need not apply) and Charlie, in attempting to do what he would have done if he had not have done what he was going to do when he was doing what he will have done though he didn’t do it in Time waves. Thomas brought us back to the present with Ode to a cigarette and The lark. Richard picked off some Flamenco strings, warming up the stage for our second virgin – or should we say virgenDiego: leyendo los versos de Muere lentamente del falso Neruda, Martha Medeiros. But his virginity wasn’t the only one to go in the second round, as Jack Exalted Wyoming but all the while had The Blues. By this time, we had developed a taste for virgin blood: Rosy’s acapella There’s no place I’d rather be and Scott’s Living room both went to the virgin alter. Hamza took round two home with Life in a kiss and some wonderful Questions for Neruda. A couple more words from Tony Wilson and we were off racing to the bar for reinforcements…

Hic Sunt Leones

In the round where anything can happen, and where the host takes no reasonability for what does, we packed in another thirteen (!) performers (fifteen if you count Boomie’s alter-egos… but we’ll get to that), including: Missy making everyone extremely uncomfortable as only she can with Fruit & Date Rape, Eleanor read about her Grandfather and then wrote a letter Dear Orpheus, Moe came in From the sea, Lauren didn’t sit down and told a Story about Grandma, Dina showed us The divine image, Ben Harper, a.k.a. Amel sang By my side, DRNB sang about his Candle shining bright while dancing, Annie did some poetry but I can’t read my notes (I even circled her name which is usually a good sign), Roo, on the spur of the moment, dropped his virginity (oops) with a Response to Tony tonight, Boomie transformed into Olivia, Taylor Swift’s cat (you’ll have to ask him), Laurence, OMG another virgin, read a Glen Grove short story, Ed read in Latin and finally, finally we had some more French with Samuel’s free slam.

Total casualties: 33 (Jesus died at this age)
Total virgin sacrifices: 6 (the number of the devil)
Numerological result: The Great Holy Wars have begun.

See you in 2015 (but Emily’ll see you this Thursday and next – keep an eye on her for me).


Tony Wilson is a multitalented powerhouse. An electric performer, Tony Wilson presents a captivating set that blends the worlds of Spoken Word & Hip Hop. Armed with powerful words and a pure joy for performing he creates an energy that wows the crowd and leaves them feeling empowered and motivated.

Known for his captivating and charismatic presence, Tony Wilson’s clever wordplay, powerful delivery and creative punch lines can carry the emotion of the audience.

Tony Wilson has been featured around the country including headlining performances in Minneapolis, MN, Dallas & Houston Texas, Mobile, Alabama. In November 2013 Tony was featured as an opening act for Grammy nominated Hip Hop Group, “The Nappy Roots” and was also selected as director’s Highlight Artist for the 2013 Raw Awards Showcase.

He released his first independent publication in June 2012 titled, Breaking the Cycle: A Collection of Creative Works. Tony released both a Spoken Word EP (“King Of The Misfits: A Spoken Word Experience” November 2012) and a hip hop mixtape (“King Of The Misfits: The Mixtape” June 2013). He is currently working on his first independent studio release “Fearless” expected to be released in the summer of 2014. This spring, Tony is promoting the release of “Fearless” with a European Tour with performances in London, Paris, and Frankfurt.


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