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PLU Open Mic featuring Travis Cebula & Sarah Suzor

PLU Open Mic featuring Travis Cebula & Sarah Suzor

Feelin’ hot, hot hot! We sizzled under some seriously lip-smacking literature on Thursday, June 25…

Round 1.

Ethan bravely broke the evening’s seal with some hair in his mouth and a lie-in, after which queen Kate invited us to see her perform at Carr’s bar on Sunday (past). Eliot came back from a heavy year and delighted us with Auden and Yann, Rene showed his asshole yet sweet dad side with his daughter on his hip, Tui-z (VIRGIN!) stunned us all with his big hands made for holding “Not all giants from the oceans are violent” and Moe missed being in the US, especially in a time of unjustifiable massacres. Elisa read from her blog entry about the “condom conversation” and Tanya found some peace in telling us her powerful story about sexual slavery.

Travis Cebula and Sarah Suzor were our fantabulous featured duo, reading from their collaborative work “After the Fox” in which Morning and Nocturnal follow each other across the States, exploring memories, desires and their entangled relationship.


Round 2.

Cecilia took her ghosts onto the PLU stage, Alison brought Energy (2.), and Steve gave us a taster of his second novel (initiating a controversial cooties conversation). Charlotte webbed (geddit?) with a white spider and two lovers, and Kelly and Maria performed a haunting piece about miscarriage. Travis our featured guest, aka Uncle Tranny, read from his new collection “Dangerous Things to Please a Girl” (what a title!). Ryan admitted his addiction to… acai berries, and David joined Team Canada with several excellent readings (he’s a poetry night host too – PLU visit to Toronto sometime soon perhaps?), Barry aka Bazza the Virgin talked about, but wasn’t, a git, and we finished the night as we always like to: with a good dose of DRNB.


This Thursday, June 25, we are excited to welcome the talented Travis Cebula and his collaborator Sarah Suzor. Join us for the first summer PLU of 2015!

Sign-up starts at 8pm, we get going from 8.30/8.45.



TRAVIS CEBULA lives with his wife and trusty dogs in Colorado, where he writes, edits and teaches creative writing. He graduated from the MFA program at Naropa University in 2009—the same year he founded Shadow Mountain Press, a small press that focuses on hand-made editions of poetry chapbooks. His poetry, stories, essays, reviews, and photography have appeared internationally. He is the author of five full-length collections of poetry, including Dangerous Things to Please a Girl (set in Paris), Ithaca, One Year in a Paper Cinema, and After the Fox with Sarah Suzor. You can find him in Paris every summer teaching with the Left Bank Writers Retreat.

SARAH SUZOR‘s full-length collection of poetry, The Principle Agent, won the 2010 Hudson Prize and was published by Black Lawrence Press in 2011. She also has a collaboration After the Fox, which is co-authored with Travis Cebula (Black Lawrence Press, 2014). Her reviews and interviews can be found in Tarpaulin Sky and Rain Taxi, and she has recently guest blogged for the Best American Poetry series. She lives in Venice, California where she is a founding editor for Highway 101 Press, a correspondent for Omnidawn’s online magazine OmniVerse, and a guest lecturer for the Left Bank Writers Retreat in Paris.

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