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PLU Open Mic featuring Upstairs at Duroc

PLU Open Mic featuring Upstairs at Duroc

The PLU Open Mic on February 4 was a hair-raising, upstairs-downstairs-ground floor cocktail of cacophonies! We had Charlie leading the marching, rhyme-stringing band, baton in hand; VIRGIN Nicolas cajoled from “I’m just here to watch” with a brève histoire; and Jason was a multi-media instrument with lilies, red hair, blue eyes and that machine that repeats things. Scott ain’t takin none of that uneducated nastiness about his super successful documentary (the price of fame), René morphed into Nora Jones, Emily let her hair down for once, Chris read two versions of The Wolf, and Shannon is very excited about the Sylvia Beach Fiction Prize she’s producing (PLU Press). Our special guests came in the form of Paul Wright, Jonathon Wonham and Elizabeth Lloyd Burkhalter (Lily!) who read from the latest Issue 16 of Upstairs at Duroc. Paul went to the wrong room, Lily sought information and My War, My Way, and Jonathon showed us his glass eye… No, not really, he read Andrew Leslie’s piece about one.

Round two underway, the patient Sara had an excerpt from a short story featuring Trinket the lost poodle, the also-patient Marie sung powerfully about rape, followed by Shannon with her story of pleasure, pain and shame. Connor read book reviews that were certainly not from The New Yorker, and the Upstairs Crew (new band name?) gave us more from Issue 16. VIRGIN Abdel slammed some French current affairs into us, Lara got locked in the bathroom on New Year’s Eve, and Maysan had a beautiful song for us “my mother doesn’t understand the word ‘vulnerable'”. Fred went from Cameroon to Germany then France, and hopefully washed his hands afterwards, and we saw a Lara/Sara polite fight for the stage, filled with white vans, comedy and flying fucks.  Lily was brave enough to face 2 minutes of total honesty, no superlatives, and VIRGIN Karim closed up the night. Super.







Upstairs – Paul, Lily, Jonathon













February 4 @ 8:00 pm – 11:55 pm

PLU is proud to share the stage this week with one of Paris’ oldest anglophone publications: Upstairs at Duroc!

Presenting issue 16, Upstairs at Duroc will invite contributors for feature readings throughout the evening. Experimental poetry from both established and emerging writers: come support the local scene!


Paul Wright
Jonathan Wonham
Edad Mercier
Elizabeth Lloyd Burkhalter
Of course, for everyone else sign-up is free starting at 20h: first come, first served (but we go all night long).


Culture Rapide, 103 rue Julien Lacroix, 75020, between Belleville and Pyrénées metros

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