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PLU Open Mic featuring Victor!

PLU Open Mic featuring Victor!

Paris Lit Up’s first Open Mic of 2015 started under tragic circumstances. While the audience lit candles, our special guest Victor played a tribute to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo events. We morn such great loss of human life and we also encourage our fellow writers and artists to move with caution, critically and with open eyes, through the complex reality of these events. Our stage, both last Thursday and every week, is a place to speak, exchange and share our visions.

Round 1

Donald recovered the Black box and looked towards the dawn of Debut Soleil. Christian, a PLU virgin, came to Paris from San Fran via Spain with amorous poetry, including Quiero besarla. Fred carried the torch of comedy, even though he has Asthma. Moe got some bi action in with his Open door/Porte ouverte read from Sur la guerre et la paix – 86 poètes. DRNB jived it up with a musical interlude, followed by our second virgin of the evening, Barbara, with her astounding Opera voice. Iris, back for the holiday break, said:

We become light and heave and slow like water

Kelly, photographe extraordinaire, wrote To Charlie. Pilote, captain of Culture Rapide, read on our stage for the first time (although no one had the courage to call him a virgin) with his Badly shaven skinheads.

Our friend and special guest Victor played electric for the first time ever and presented his new album Was It What It Was Like? Victor Sings The Songs Of Stanley Brinks, by Victor.  Check it out here…

Round 2

This round was characterized by an inexistent competition between resident writers at NYU Paris and PLU regulars. “Dickishly” (as defined by our lovely audience) we rotated between “academic” poets and “drunk” poets: PLU Bob gave us God’s Law, NYU Anthony had a Laundry day, Remi didn’t bring any Belleville Park Pages with him, NYU Richard wrote Three sentences in a poem, Em read someone else’s poem, NYU Sara wrote Three sentences in a short story, PLU François sang Blur’s Tender, NYU Amy wrote Three sentences in a short story called Marie, then Amel sang some holiday music.

Then Victor played us another two songs (see above).

Hic Sunt Dragones (i.e. Round 3)

Continuing the fierce [sic] battle between NYU and PLU were: NYU Liz‘s I sing with the loudest voice, an ode to Grace Paley, PLU Rose reminded us that French fries are not French, NYU Rick took Shots, a tribute to the French, PLU Dina dedicated her voice against Hatred, NYU McKenzie asked if we were Ready kiddo?, PLU Amruta was a Disbeliever, PLU Nicky spun off Three rounds and a sound (excellent album) with I miss you, PLU Ed finally avoided boring everyone with Latin but managed to do so with an English translation of TacitusHistories. PLU Lily wasn’t drunk but had Arrows on Battleship Island and did a Lady prayer. The closing ceremonies were performed by Fun King Nero.



Currently finishing a PhD in art history that led him to live between Paris and Berlin, Victor is also a clandestine pop culture amateur, constantly digging for musical diamonds in the recorded heritage of the 20th century. As a self-taught guitar player and former member of several jazz bands, he performs regularly in Paris’ English poetry scenes, covering his favorite songwriters and early Calypsos from the 1930s. For Paris Lit Up, Victor will be on stage to try out a couple of original songs.

Sign up from 8, we get going around 8.30. Culture Rapide, Belleville, Paris

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