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PLU Open Mic featuring Yann Rousselot

PLU Open Mic featuring Yann Rousselot

– Take me to your leader! he shouted over the deafening impact of asteroids  and the laser blasts of green haired cyborg alien girls.

…Wait, I mean: what a sci-fi PLU night with our special guest and friend Yann Rousselot. Chronos set the tempo with French-English Xe wind is mad in xe winter, Elliot (with two Ls and one T) continued the FR-EN contaminated tradition with Attempts at sleep, Meanings, In a childhood dream and R&J (gender-switching Shakespeare). Fred stood up for nature and zebras being killed, reminding us that trees are boring and imagining how much fun it would be if he had a detachable penis. Hilary lost her virginity with a true story Hare, Bob bantered with Gus and Remi in the audience like a teenage girl – LOL, ROFL, OMG – with Nightmare on Facebook. Rachel’s virginity was sacrificed to the poetry gods with her Water combined with carelessness and then we had to say goodbye to Anita, who recently published Intermezzo on Two Words For. Finally Moe got stood up from Dublin and so conceded the stage to Yann: crowdsorcing his new work Dawn of the Algorithm, he read Stranger Danger, Posthuman Neo Tokyo, The Right Stuff, Riding Monsters and other selections soon to be available in bookstores everywhere.

YANN’S VIDEO WAS EATEN BY CYBORG DEMONS – but someone had an iphone:

Round two brought us Alex’s quiet disaster, Remi’s Belleville Park Pages 22, Boomie Ode to Maiden Potatoe until Yann came back and made sense of Knight Rider and gave us his final Nectar of the Mortal God for the evening. Zorro was Iris’ bitch, Eliott (with one L and two Ts) recited some good ‘ol Hugo by memory (of course) and Moe’s Dublin date finally showed to he did some Jazz Poetry. We went out with Elliot (with two Ls and one T) Jam on Howl and Bob’s Ride of your life. He must’ve caught Yann’s technicolored flying saucer.




Yann Rousselot is a technical translator and creative writer living in the Paris region. He is a graduate of the Sorbonne Nouvelle and the University of London Institute in Paris, in language studies and translation respectively. He writes in English and French and his work has appeared or is forthcoming in the following print and online publications: The Newer York, Thought Catalog, Belleville Park Pages, Two Words For and Paris Lit Up Magazine. Topics and themes of interest include SETI & the cosmos; the animal kingdom (RIP David Attenborough); surreal, fantastical and speculative literature; popular fiction; space opera; Kaiju domestication. His first collection of poems, Dawn of the Algorithm, is being published as a crowdfunding project on Inkshares: pre-orders are available @

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