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PLU Open Mic – February 13

PLU Open Mic – February 13

Despite our planned featured reader getting stuck in the swamps of England, Paris Lit Up’s pre-V-Day open mic was full of fun and frolics as usual!

Bill started us off with his “mother of art”. Kate gave us a romantic bouquet of “corn cockles and forget-me-not” before a quick game of scrabble and a vow to stop staring at men (pretty much an average Valentine’s Day evening then!)

Eliott’s heart – by heart – was full of Gratitude for having been in love, and David Sirois’ date was none other than Fluffy, the Psychic Power Pigeon, obviously. The ever-romantic Jason showered us in mortality, and the world-famous model Iman (slightly smaller than she looks onscreen) was obstructing justice – such a diva!

Remi the poet-cum-salesman brought the Belleville Park Pages, and “we drink and drink and drink and drink.” Ok then (barman?!) I’ll have another gin and tonic for the break, merci.

So it seems another hugely talented artist is leaving Paris – Jeanne, the girl with that voice, full of emotion, and yet startlingly modest after bringing the entire room to a standstill. She performed with the equally-talented Flora. Flora, with her deep and wistful alto, made the perfect duo.

If you went to the brilliant jazz and poetry night organised by Paris Lit Up on Valentine’s Day, you’ll know who I mean by Dareka. The charismatic Frenchman took rehearsals off to travel back in time, followed by Donica – woop woop for a PLU virgin! – twisting herself like pasta into a bulbous being.

Sierra was deliciously succulent with her mandarin orange, and words strung together like lights. Louisa chose to read an unknown British (?) poet – whose name I forget – Kates? Ketes? Anyway, it’s always nice to hear unknown voices. Annie read her piece published in BPP, and David S came back from his visit to the Irish lakes with a bad case of Yeast.

Eliott and Jeanne made us all feel terribly untalented – again – so we needed a bit of Boomie and his Paris Home Companion to raise our spirits, remind us that it’s the effort that counts when being romantic, and send us giggling into the night.

Happy commercial exploitation – sorry – Valentine’s Day!

Photos thanks to Karolyne Kerr.

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