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PLU Open Mic Festive Fete

PLU Open Mic Festive Fete

Happy New Year! Out with the old and in with the new. With that in mind, the final old report from last year is out, and Fred is looking forward to welcoming you in to Culture Rapide on the shiny new Thursday 7.

Hamish, half of our photography duo, volunteered to go first (a first), with Playtime and the day we fell into ruins. onore, the other half, and PLU virgin, was back to seven years old again. René broke up at the film club / fight club and Rachel bit the bullet and sang her own song “Light Up” (she’s not jealous of the butterfly). Steve is only writing another novel about his life on the road, Lot Lizard. David Leo Sirois was smiling to himself with “strange in the worst of ways” at Chateau Rouge and Rebecca prepared to put on a hat for Christmas. Yasser read in Spanish & English from Roberto Sosa, and your host wrote down something that looks like “trend oe Yohan than blue bang sass mgras muffin.” Maybe it was a poem.

Round two saw the night owls come calling and singing. Josh was thrown onstage and shouted at to provide a Christmas carol, so we had a nice little singalong to Drummer Boy. Fred was the product of his errors with Marvin the zebra. Alison painted two women into a circle and Lara gave some Finnegan’s Wake. Shannon did a PLU shout-out for anyone who is interested in helping with tech and distribution (we need you!). We also got to introduce René as part of the gang, and say thank you to our surprise guest Chris Lewis who made our sexy new submissions site! Ed, accompanied by Josh, read about society and life, and then Josh was finally allowed to impress on his own. Ryan didn’t cut off any more hair, but is either anti-Korea or anti-career depending on how you read the notes. David Leo scattered some roses over the grave of 2015 and we scampered out into the dregs of the night.


Joy to the word, the PLU Open Mic is here, for a Frosty fete, before heading home for Christmas in a week’s time. So come all ye faithful performers, and join us to rock around the (non-existant) Christmas tree on Thursday December 17 and let’s not have a silent night at all. Hosted by the herald angel ERK.


Held on Thursdays at Culture Rapide, 103 rue Julian Lacroix, 75020 – métro Belleville.

Sign-up from 8. We get going around 8.30.


This event is replacing the scheduled PLU Open Mic Slam Competition

Check the Community Calendar for the next Slam event hosted by Winona Linn!

About the host:

Winona Linn is a Canadian poet, performer, teacher and spoken word artist. Linn was the 2011 poet laureate of the Federal Green Party of Canada, and wrote and performed poems on a variety of issues for the duration of the 2011 federal election. In the spring of 2013, a collection of Linn’s poems was published by Paisley Press of Halifax, Nova Scotia. This collection, entitled “Stand Tall,” was a collaboration with visual artist Sidney Robichaud and are available for sale across Canada. Currently, she lives in Paris, France where she teaches English-language poetry to children.

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