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PLU Open Mic Halloween Costume Contest

PLU Open Mic Halloween Costume Contest

Be prepared to be terrified, as we relive the frightful (ly excellent) goings on from the night before Halloween…


Kurt Cobain was first down our hallowed halls, haunting us with rubies, white lilies and many unanswered questions. The terrifyingly dapper Elliot forced us into the West Wycombe Women’s Prison, and the ghost of Van Gogh was poe-fectly petrifying.

There’s never enough Poe in the underworld, so your host sat her team of ravens above  her chamber  the Culture Rapide door. Janice, from the famous Ford of Guilds, hopped 9 times for an epitaph and 1000 monkeys*. Clayton and his guitar were loathe to admit they was new to Paris. Dónall, also of the 1000 monkeys*, got used to being dead, or almost (thankfully). The beautiful Black Swan was into The Black Art (Anne Sexton) and Gus took Eileen for a last dance.

Competition time!

In true democratic manner, and for fear of being cursed, we crowned our jazzy Gris-Gris Man the winner!


More Halloween Mystery Punch. Pause. Prattle. Proceed.


Lauren’s self preservation is the damnation of desire and Naniso left shivers “Your popeness motherf*cker!!”…

“He was an uninteresting man but when it came to violence he was an artist”


Sir Nick brought with him Sir Wyatt, MacNeice and S.Smith as hit-men, and Troy was in his element in the witching hour. Gus left his Hard Times in the City of Light, hugged your host, then ran for the Big Apple. He’ll be back.

Lily took her feminist taxi driver on a ghostly journey with Debussy, and DRnB was further proof that PLU isn’t just poe-try. We rap and sing too!

Julien was wretched, the poor wretch. The Grigri Moe-Man was windblown out to sea, and Kerris almost suffered from a man “who was faster than [her] innocence”

“You nearly took all my stuff

We heard virgin Sara being spooky in the kitchen, and Lily was our last flower at the departure gate…

“lately you have been (…) noun heavy”

“this isn’t your history” – or is it? Tune in next week for fewer ravens but much merriment!



* read what nice things the monkeys had to say about PLU here – and GO TO GUILDFORD

Come celebrate the most fantastic holiday of the year with Paris Lit Up as our audience scares the hell out of you with poetry, music, dance and… costumes!

That’s right, even though you’ll look like an idiot who dressed up on the wrong day  to everyone else in Paris, at Culture Rapide you’ll have the chance to win FREE MYSTERY PUNCH ALL NIGHT LONG (while supplies last).


The Official Rules

(we’re not very good at these, but we’ll try):

  1. The best costume will be determined by this evening’s host, Emily Ruck Keene, at the end of the first round.
  2. The winner will have free access to our special (and very alcoholic) Mystery punch all night long or until it runs out or until you fall into an ethylic coma.
  3. Uh… some other rule, thing… oh yeah: all judgements are final, unless you sufficiently bribe the judge.


In the meanwhile, PLU Open Mic will continue to be open to all from 8ish onward. Poetry, prose, music, dance or your little sister’s diary: no rules, no limits, the stage is yours.

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