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PLU Open Mic Halloween Extravaganza!

PLU Open Mic Halloween Extravaganza!

Review by Kate Noakes. Photographs by Tucker Grindstaff.

It was a dark and stormy night…no, actually it was just dark. Start again. In a dark, dark street in a dark, dark town in a dark, dark bar Open Mic lived. Cue sound track of howling wind, screeching coffin lids, cackling witches, cracking thunder and splintering bones to welcome Hallowe’en.

Everyone was in spooky mood especially Alex on the ‘false lawns of LA where people are not actually buried,’ Jason, who read his last will and testament: ‘Bleached Bones‘ and Evan on becomings and death. Bibi broke out her tarot cards and Nina, fetchingly dressed as Mrs Sweeney Todd, threatened us with her rolling pin and ‘The Beast.’

We love our guest poets. We love it even more when they come back as Open Micers. Nick’s treat was five new poems on spending ‘life in Gothic cemeteries discussing hermetics.’

Bill donned his cowboy from New Jersey outfit, black, of course, for the ‘Epic of Johnny Ringo,’ ‘Doc Holliday’s Dictionary’ and ‘The Reckoning.’ Tricky Bob crossed over and transformed, and Anita frightened the fifties child in us with a selection of disturbing nursery rhymes. No wonder we’re all stark staring.

IMG_6578Oscar joked about his Lithuanian ex-girlfriend and I was ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’ with a reminder that it was Keats’ birthday and Evan, who has also been reading Keats this week (scary co-incidence or zeit-ghost?), read his nightingale inspired ‘Open We Close.’ I read a couple of Hallowe’en poems ‘Mist, Fruit, Blood’ and ‘Vera Licks Her Teeth.’

Sacrificial Open Mic virgins for this special creepy night were Henry, who scared us with his glo-in-the-dark onesie, on ‘passion and belief’, Jenna-Rose and her ‘crow’s nest boy who had never seen a ship,’ Carson, for whom ‘changes are the same’ (not, I think, when it comes to werewolves, mate), and Boomie with his hilarious letter from Tolstoy to the Noble Prize committee on not winning. The other first was poetry in Finnish, courtesy of Kaisa.

Sound effects provided by Victor, Wendy singing despite her cracked voice, and Jason (barely) dressed up as a musician.

More of the same next week sans pumpkin juice.

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