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PLU Open Mic Slam Competition

PLU Open Mic Slam Competition

An historic night at PLU Open Mic with our first ever Slam Competition! Encouraging all types and genres of spoken performances, we amply demonstrated that Slam doesn’t necessarily mean rhyming or sounding like a rapper: the final round even included sonnets!

Open Mic

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves: we began with our traditional Open Mic and a big birthday sing along for Réné’s 43 years on this planet (he spent an additional 4 on another…) and some make-up sex. Following him: American verses from Ben including Right Through Me, Critic and Show & Tell, Mirella from Barcelona’s Tampon Applicators, The House Gets Naked and Two, Maddy Lederman’s lost virginity and an extract from her first novel Edna in the Desert and virgin Jason’s Jamaican The Belonging followed by Incident. A little musical interlude courtesy of Amel’s sad song before Scott finally got laid! With a gusher! Vira had a Heart Like Wood, an Orange Hangnail and ate some Bung (i.e. pig anus!) and David tasted Telepathic Cinnamon, already understanding that the end was near before Estelle sang her heart out with one string, closing the round. Just before starting the Slam, we sent off Alicia, who read for the last time on the PLU stage… Safe travels!


PLU Poetry Slam

Round 1 had 12 participants facing off – some novices, some already Slam champions– the competition was thick, brutal and loving. The first round we heard: Missy, Lauren, Kelly, Moe, Megan, Antonia, Estelle, Kate, Ethan, Yann, James and Lorenzo. Despite Slammaster Jason’s complete incapability of adding up scores (or even discerning the highest and lowest scores…), with the help of a few Italian high school students, round 1 qualified the top 6 contenstants.

Round 2 saw Antonia Klimenko – 1990 San Francisco Slam Champion, face off against Moe “Jazz” Seger, Megan BullickSlamburger, Mutinerie and Poets Live Slam Championess, Yann “Apocalyptic Algorithm” Rousselot, James The Sonnet Rocker and Ethan The British Babbler. The words were fierce, the beats were badass, the content monumental, but only 3 would survive to compete in the Final Round.

The Final Round Faceoff, with all three finalists performing onstage, shoulder to shoulder, eye to eye, was an intense battle for the proud title of PLU Slam Champ.

  • Antonia mustered from her poetic memory a perfectly timed (2 minutes, 57 seconds!) poem on love and forgetting to obtain a 25 from our five audience judges.
  • James drew out yet another sonnet (his third!) from the annals of his Shakespearian brain, just barely missing Antonia’s high water mark with a score of 24.2.
  • Finally, Ethan opened his sacred book and words, words, words poured out in torrents – running all the way up to the very limits of his allotted 3 minutes – to astonish the judges and take home the title with a phenomenal score of 27! Congratulations Ethan! Catch him perform again on June 6th at the Grand Slam International Poetry Festival.


Hic Sunt Leones

After a long break to congratulate our winner and all our contestants, we closed out the evening with Dorores en Español with her Plantas, Flavie en Français with Khail Gibran, Bibi’s first poem and Alex plucking away at his strings as the night came to an end.



Our Open Mic antics continue this week, but with a special twist: a slam competition! After many months of preparation with Slam Champion Megan Bullick’s Slam Poetry Workshops, and two other anglo slam competitions in Paris, we’re holding the final slamdown!

Sign-up for both the slam completion as well as our regular open mic is free and open to all starting at 20h.

How to

  • The competition is open to all poets
  • Poets can sign up the evening of the competition
  • Poems must be original
  • Props, costumes, and music are not permitted
  • Poems must not exceed three minutes
  • Scores range between zero and ten
  • Five audience members will be chosen at random to act as judges for the event
  • The poets with the highest scores will continue on to the next rounds, each round reducing the number of competing poets by half until the final round

More info

Check out the website for the Grand Slam 2014 here:

What some more info on slam poetry?



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