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PLU Open Mic – Summer’s End

PLU Open Mic – Summer’s End

Hosted by Belleville Park Pages.

The last Thursday of the Summer had a very back-2-skOoL feeling about it. There was much talk about new stationery, timetables and lunchboxes. Some people wore new clothes. Some people had tans. Some people even looked healthy. Not all, just some.

Two-thirds of the parental triangle were away again, with another in attendance, casting a liberal eye on the children over a Vogue cigarette. So, Will and James from the newly homeless Belleville Park Pages looked after the gathering for a second time.

Undercover at PLUIn the first round Nina spoke beautifully about dead jellyfish lustfully tangled with ropes, Victor sang with gusto that he was behind all the girls at high school, and Jenna peeled eggs like the clothes off a slut in the summertime. Liz found a dead dog in a boyfriend’s bed, and probably killed it herself and Lillia reduced the swelling crowd to a room of shaking bones with her recalling of the paranormal occurrences around the house she bought in Florida. Chilling. Melinda asked whether she goes down on you in the theatre and Rebecca, on her last Paris Lit Up visit, read a section from the novel she’s working on. It was really, very funny. Very good.

We then had a break so that people could put different things in their mouths and returned with Kate enunciating Syliva Plath beautifully, Bibi wanting to kneel and pray to the good virgin and Chloe with her poems written in Happy Hour. Co-host Bird caught mackerel that weren’t wrapped in plastic coffins, Michael watched Bar Owners sip San Pellegrino and Co-host Cox missed his most important meal of the day, because no one likes an elitist. Vanessa, another French girl speaking great English, read John Dryden very well, Davie genuinely moved everyone with his both heartbreaking and heartwarming song, Steven growled Tom Waits and Sam & Simon finished up the evening with some great blues playing.

It’s great to be back at school. See everyone next week, as long as homework is done, shoes are polished and timetables remembered.

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