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PLU Shorts Shortlist Winners!

PLU Shorts Shortlist Winners!

Over the last month or so, the PLU staff has been hard at work reading your submissions to our first ever Short Story Contest. We’ve all been more than impressed by your creativity, prowess and diversity: thank you to everyone who sent us something and for supporting our non-profit, independent press!

Although it was an arduous task narrowing it down, we’ve chosen the top 20 submissions to be judged by our esteemed novelist, Shannon Cain. To keep things as fair as possible, we’re only providing the titles of the shortlist stories: the top 5 winners, including the grand prize of 1000€ will be announced, names and all, on May 31st!

Without further ado we’re proud to present you with our 2015 shortlist:


The Interior Designer
The Person Who Wore My Clothes
Dirty Light
The Rooftops Glistened
June, January, Paul
Postcards from the Replacement Bus
The Hedgeman
The Institution
The Surf Lesson
The Water and the Bedroom
Joseph Stalin’s Toes
Summer of ’96
Intermezzo in E Flat
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