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PLU Slam Poetry Workshop

PLU Slam Poetry Workshop

We’ve got six months until the 12th Grand Slam National in Paris, and this year Paris Lit Up would like to take our participation one step further by having our own slam team competing.

The PLU Slam Team will be coordinated by Megan Bullick. The first meeting will be held on Saturday, January 24th from 3-5pm at Le Centquatre–Paris located 5 rue Curial, Paris 75019. Workshops will then be held every other Saturday until June.

Come with a slam, original or not. Since slams are just as much about the delivery as the text, the workshops will focus on both production/editing and expression/performance. Anyone who has interest in slam or spoken word poetry is invited to the workshops, though the ultimate goal is to form a PLU slam team to perform at the 2015 Grand Slam.

Check out the website for the Grand Slam 2014 here: 

What some more info on slam poetry? Check out these links:

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