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PLU Summer Reading Clear-out Sale

PLU Summer Reading Clear-out Sale

Summer is the time for reading. Starting today until the end of the month, Paris Lit Up Press is offering a special summer discount on all our books! Grab a copy to take to the beach and help us make space for our upcoming publications including Paris Lit Up Magazine issue n°3, Tender Neighbors, a collection of short stories by Sven Hansen-Løve and the award-winning volume of PLU Shorts 2015 Contest winners. With the best contemporary Parisian writers and rock-bottom international shipping rates, you can’t go wrong in supporting our independent, non-profit press!

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Paris Lit Up Magazine – n°1 (2013)

10.00 € 6.00 €

The first issue of Paris Lit Up Magazine features 124 pages of poetry, fiction, essays, an interview with Marilyn Hacker, photography and artwork from Parisian and international writers and artists. Only 6 copies left!
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Paris Lit Up Magazine – n°2 (2014)

10.00 € 8.00 €

Back with a boom, Paris Lit Up Magazine n°2 is much more than a simple repetition. Now with 200 full-color pages, a stunning semi-transparent dust jacket and nearly 100 contributors, this independent publication truly testament to grassroots DIY publications. It is available in both print as well as a digital .epub version. Poetry, short-stories, flash fiction, photography, artwork, interviews and even comic books: Paris Lit Up Magazine n°2 has something for every connoisseur of contemporary writing.
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Flying Home – Steve Dalachinsky & Sig Bang Schmidt

15.95 € 11.95 €

Flying Home is an extraordinary artistic collaboration that features 55 original works of art by Sig Bang Schmidt with verses by world-renowned poet, Steve Dalachinsky. Digitalizing and colorizing authentic World War I archival photographs, Sig Bang Schmidt’s images present surreal vistas of warfare revived with intensely saturated colors that bring the Great War out of the into the grim grayscale of textbook history. Steve Dalachinsky’s unique, vibrant words, create fragmented narratives of the lives and deaths of the men lost to the dark hole of war.


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