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Ivy Writers – 20 November 2012

Review by Kate Noakes for Paris Lit Up

In the cave of Le Next in the 2eme, which was particularly dark that night as during recent building work all the lamps were apparently broken, two poets read from their work under eerie illumination.

The usual Ivy Writers format is to have a least one francophone poet reading at each of their events. This evening that was Virgine Poitrasson, poet, performer, translator. As my French is a little, how shall I put it, limited, it is quite a challenge for me to follow French poetry, let alone critically evaluate it as art. I hope Virginie will forgive me for that. I did enjoy her poem about a fly in a kitchen and my companion tells me that her poems about women were pretty darn good. You can read all about her on her blog

Nicholas Manning, who teaches comparative literature at the Sorbonne, was much easier for me to listen to. He gave a dramatic reading of work (ending it in a shower of shredded roses) from his two books Novaless: Elements Towards a Metaphysic and Homo Sentamentalis. He is very interested in abstraction and I think his poetry needs more close attention on the page than one can readily give at a reading. So, I look forward to getting my hands on his books soon. More information on him can he found here:

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