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Spoken Word Paris – 3 December

Spoken Word Paris – 3 December

Review by Lizzie for Paris Lit Up*

It’s a grim and rainy December night on the streets of Paris, but the basement of Au Chat Noir is packed and the climate tropical as usual. It’s also my first night writing a review, so I spend the whole thing downstairs for once, and if this quality keeps up, I’ll be propping up the bar a lot less in the weeks to come, and toiling away in the poetry mine down here.

Tonight had it all: cannibalism! Semi-nudity! Casual sex! Banjos! Tom kicked it all off by setting off down the road, before promptly turning to stone. Jason filled and emptied everything in sight. David shared two very different poems about two very different types of love, and Deborah paid tribute to her uncle. Part one also saw a pair classics – Kirby gave a riveting performance of Anis Mogjani’s ‘Shake the Dust, and Kate revisited Wilde’s ‘The Ballad of Reading Gaol’.

Tonight we must bid farewell to our beloved Georgina – “founder of Unstrung Letters, lecturer, boxer, teller of late night stories” – and what better way to say goodbye than by showing her underwear to us all? The wholesome entertainment was rounded off with a classic tale of murder, cannibalism and provocative headgear.

After the break in a lovely poem which was also a gift to this style of report writing, Sam started part two by saying “Hello Again.” Jonathan passed the hat round for the struggling gorrilephant cause of Obsidivism. Louisa came back, to the tones of copulating cats. Things got very musical, very quickly, as Victor continued his survey of the chanson francaise, Kia tuned her banjo and Dan sang of watching a storm over the Alps. Thomas spoke of poetry and wine – our raison d’etre, surely?

After another dash for fresh air, during which I spied several people studying Alberto’s metro-map boxers to find the way home, the man himself came back – with a different hat! Regime change? Then, nudity, accordions and Justin Bieber come together in a Strangely-led singalong. Ambjorn read some Robert Frost, and Kia returned with a tuned banjo – it was worth the wait. Jane reminded us all of The Duty of the Artist, and Alex made us all feel good about ourselves. Then: a Scandinavian invasion! Alex dove into a pond with Monika Rinck. Helene proved herself to be very suggestible. Then, Georgina said a final goodbye, continuing her grand tradition of getting halfway through a story just as the final five minute bell rings.

* This review is in no way directly associated with Spoken Word Paris

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