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Slam au Downtown – 10 December

Slam au Downtown – 10 December

Slam au Downtown really isn’t a slam. Two poets don’t do their best to dis each other and  no one keeps score. The pieces read don’t follow that dum-da-da-dum-dum cadence all too common in most slam circles. Instead Slam au Downtown is a vibrant group of young (and differently young) poets, writers, musicians and, yes, slammeurs, who get together every Monday evening to share their work in a supportive open mic soirée at the Downtown Café.

The night is held together by Slam’s three unique hosts: Dareka, Le Bon Slamaritain and Madatao. Each a poet/artist in his own right, they give wonderful performances and develop close relationships with their guests. Although they are three guys, Slam au Downtown is characterized by its special attention to gender roles, social and political issues and alternative lifestyles. In fact, if you want to get the pulse of what is going on in Paris, Monday nights at Downtown are the perfect place to pick up news, flyers and the downlow on some great events around town : in one night, we got 4 flyers for different poetry and slam events that are coming up.

It’s true, most of the poetry is in French, but the audience is very open to hearing other languages and each night is peppered with a bit of this and a bit of that (we heard one poet in English as well as another who read in Italian). Listening to the various styles – ranging from traditional poetry to slam to theatrical performances to comedy skits – is an excellent excuse to improve your impoverished French. Besides, when in Rome… speak French.

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