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Spoken Word Paris– Launching The Bastille

Spoken Word Paris– Launching The Bastille

Review by Paris Lit Up.

The dingy basement of Au Chat Noir became a rabble-infested rebellion against The Bastille, the literary magazine launched last Monday at Spoken Word. Masterfully ignoring Georgina’s script “The French Revolution in Five Minutes or Less…”, the King was killed and drenched in fake blood with an executioner’s cheese-grater while some cute dolphin in a mask joyfully squealed. Of course the Queen got hers too and even some random bystanders were speckled with bad humor and inaccurate history.

Little scraps of what is left of The Bastille – each containing over 100 pages of poetry and prose from the City of Lights – can now be purchased as souvenirs for only 10€ at Shakespeare & Co. or next monday at Spoken Word.

The audience also got a sneak-peak into the pages with readings from flaccid Pat, Kate Noakes and her ink-stained pages, James Thompson, Bibi, Emily Ruck-Keene as Mustard (our guest journalist), Mandoline, Antonia blowing jazz, tragicoptimist, Pablo’s first publication ever, the Hellenic Helen’s illuminated hands and FUCK OFF, a.k.a. Alberto. The Pillow Project danced around with Pearlann, Riva and Anna and Victor continued his quest to educate musically illiterate anglophones on la chanson française.

Get your little piece of Parisian history, support poor Parisian poets and pick up your copy of The Bastille from a literary event near you.

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