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Spoken Word Paris – November 19th

Spoken Word Paris – November 19th

Review and photos by Jason for Paris Lit Up.*

Spoken Word Paris, hosted by Alberto this week had, in his own words, “3 rounds for over 3 hours with 28 performers, 2 birthday parties from 10 countries, 1 leotard and 1 black eye.”

Kate Noakes, promoting her recent publication Cape Town, opened and was followed by Tom’s “The Highway of the traveller”. Pansy Maurer-Alvarez read from her book now available through Corrupt Press, while Jonathan Schiffman creatively expaned the definition of “poetry” by coughing for three minutes and then read a stunning palindrome poem called “Hannah sees Hannah” – nearly 5 minutes of poetry that can be read backwards !

Victor continued to educate Spoken Word Paris’ predominantly anglophone audience with an amazing musical lesson called a “Histoire de la chanson française” in Alexandrine Meter, Vol.1. He tells Paris Lit Up that he is working to complete this lyrical history of the chanson française for a possible upcoming event with Unstrung Letters… Keep your eyes open!

The featured reader, poet, critic, editor, kitchen porter, journalist and host of a Edimburgh’s top literary cabaret Ryan Van Winkle presented his first collection of poetry: “Tomorrow we will live here” available through Salt Pubishing. He also claimed that while some people prefer masturbating during Spoken Word, that he likes blurry green late-night sex ads on television.

As always, the evening was filled with performers that ranged from Amel singing “Falling”, Kenza Kenza leaving fingerprints, Jason translating the untranslatable Gherasim Luca,  to Alberto growing old as his body grew dark, pale, cold and dry. An leotard wearing accordion player told of all the insults he receives while David accused Troy of giving him a black eye. Troy tried to explain why but then Georgina and Mandoline stole the show in a new play by the missing Chris Newens. Kirk made everyone feel better about being Starwars Geeks, Beatrice got serious with a Greek poem from prison and Helen tried, hopelessly, to teach the Anglophones French.

Wonder Jenn sang an anthem for Africa then Alex explained that “love is a tiredness that sustains”. Oscar enjoyed Nietzsche as his co-pilot. Lauren’s fake ID is finally useless. Bruce : Countrycide, you may kiss the bride.

*This review is in no way directly associated with Spoken Word Paris.

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