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Steal This Magazine – A Forward

Steal This Magazine – A Forward

We are writers. We are poets. We engage with words and ideas everyday in order to imagine and create new worlds and new possibilities. But being a writer is also a responsibility. The words we use and how we use them should stand for something real, they should be saturated with the actual materiality of our lives. When we say “free” or “open” – when we use the term “community” – these words should represent the physical reality of our actions. Anything else would be ingenuous or, at worst, a betrayal.

Tomorrow, Paris Lit Up is launching the second issue of our magazine: from the moment of its unveiling, this publication will circulate freely for non-commercial purposes thanks to our Creative Commons license. In the spirit of the truly collective, community work and support that has gone into realizing it, we are giving it back to our contributors, our readers and our global literary tribe.

Words construct our world and for this we should respect these words. For Paris Lit Up, “community” signifies transparent, horizontal, collective potential. Open and honest, non-profit and free for all to participate, enjoy and share. In this way, we hope to fully assume the responsibility for creating different worlds with our words – above personalisms, beyond individual egos – where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Paris Lit Up n2 Forward

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