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Actor Preparation & Performance Theatre Workshop in English

Posted on 13 Jan 2018 in | 0 comments

Weekend Workshops – Actor Preparation & Performance Theatre Workshop in English Voice, Corporeality, Text – 13 & 14 JANUARY 75001   Open to natives and advanced intermediate English speakers.  CONTACT 06 37 66 27 98 to register.  Saturday 13/01 @15h-19h   & Sunday 14/01   @16h-19h Participants interviewed. Pre-registration required. For further details, kindly send name & contact number to 06 37 66 27 98.  ...

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In Response: Intangible

Posted on 21 May 2015 in | 0 comments

[Traduction française en bas.] In response to the work exhibited within the gallery, G. Louise Cooper and Zorro Maplestone offer an artistic dialogue with the works of Swedish conceptual artist, Sarah Yasdani. Focusing on Yasdani’s Depression Pushes Heart to the Side, Lou offers her own commentary on the objective and subjective elements of depression. Her performance is a process of analyzing depression, and of exploring the ways that one can find form in something frustratingly evasive. In response to Yasdani’s The Wait for What Will Become Everything, Zorro installs himself in the space, immersed in the state of waiting. He explores all of the mundane actions in which waiting manifests itself, demonstrating how the invasive tension of time withheld can slowly engulf a space. BIO: G. Louise Cooper is a graduate of Oakland University’s School of Music, Theatre &...

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