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Writing Revolution

Writing Revolution

Here we are: year three of the Paris Writing Revolution. Sure, you could say that there is nothing revolutionary about throwing a magazine launch party but it isn’t what we’re doing, it’s how we’re doing it.

Here in Paris writers, poets, musicians and artists from all corners of life are chipping in to create an event that crosses national borders, disciplinary lines and the (sometimes difficult) limits of our own egos to form a free and synergetic community of mutual support. We are all different: global migrants, speaking different languages, from every social stratus. But in our daily struggle to produce art and love we find the common through our diversity.

Paris Lit Up Magazine n°3 itself includes contributions not only from all over the world, but also sections curated by collaborative groups like ourselves, Poets Live, Ivy Writers and the amazing network of international writers represented in the “final edition” (for now) of Belleville Park Pages.

Likewise, it’s no coincidence that our launch is held on Saturday, September 26th: we are merely one of hundreds of events throughout the globe that will take place simultaneously in celebration of 100 Thousand Poets for Change, using our words and arts to generate dialogue, debate and demand a departure from the status quo.

Our gracious hosts, La Petite Maison, are one of the most active and prominent Parisian grassroots movements promoting diverse arts, housing rights, neighborhood participation and common cultural spaces – just walking into the courtyard you’ll see the glorious collision of trees, vast figurative murals, big slouchy sofas and even an open-air free kitchen.

Paris Lit Up itself has no “founder” and no “boss”: we are a collective where each person uniquely contributes to the community in her/his own way, each learns and shares their knowledge and skills for the benefit of everyone involved. We are all co-founders, co-hosts and co-leaders.

The Paris Writing Revolution thus changes how we write, read and perform and publish—it changes how we interact and collaborate and, ultimately, it changes who we are as people and as a community.

We invite everyone who finds a piece of themselves reflected in this words to come celebrate our creative diversity tomorrow and take an active part in the new world coming.

Death to Poetry

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