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Unstrung Letter P – Phillip Larkin and Fucked Up Poetry

Unstrung Letter P – Phillip Larkin and Fucked Up Poetry

By Kate Noakes
Cutting poetry out of your reading life is just fucking yourself up. Join us for a close-reading and discussion of 3 of Larkin’s most famous poems: “This be the verse,” “High Windows” and “Annus Mirabilis.”

We have chosen the so-called ‘foul-mouthed’ or explicit ones to explore why in terms of cultural and historical context they were shocking and to ask whether they are still something of a surprise. For those of you who do not enjoy poetry on a regular basis, or even at all, or are violently opposed to the merest mention of the word poetry, this is a chance to see how such practice is not only rewarding, but essential to anyone who would call themselves a writer.

Kate Noakes is a poet from Reading. Her first collection, Ocean to Interior, was published in December 2007. Her second collection, The Wall Menders, was published by Two Rivers Press in 2009. She is mindfully foul-mouthed.

Listen to Kate’s lecture and discussion here:

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