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You are Cordially Invited – PLU Pow Wow

You are Cordially Invited – PLU Pow Wow

Since its inception, Paris Lit Up has always aimed to create shared spaces where literary and creative energies can interact and produce synergies. Community, transparency and open communication are our fundamental working principles.

In this spirit, we’d like to invite everyone to join us for a PLU Pow Wow on Tuesday May 5th at 19h00.

Come and bring your ideas, your projects and your thoughts on new directions and new poetic ventures. We’ll be talking about the Poetry Slam Festival, magazine, open mic, future collaborations, competitions, interviews, parties – a bit of everything!

The meeting will be held at the Maison des Associations at 8, rue du Général Renault 75011.

Bring your power and wow to our pow wow!

pow wow

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