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PLU​ Open Mic featuring Alien Architect

Posted on 8 Jul 2015 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Sizzling hot summer nights with Paris Lit Up: come refresh your soul with mojitos and good words. Sign up is open to all starting at 20h. No time limits, no bells or whistles: make noise, change the world.   Alien Architect / Cohen Asher (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a multidisciplinary artist, working with music, visual arts, and poetry. He has recorded several records, with a lyrical quality associated with MC or poet. In 2014 The Alien Architect published the experimental hip hop album Arteria. Alien Architect is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist known for mixing hip hop and poetry. He has opened for Wu-Tang Clan, Schooly D, Badfish, Wax, Slightly Stoopid, Shwayze, Sam Roberts Band, and Jef Lee Johnson to name a few. Alien Architect recorded a song with The Gift of Gab from Blackalicious in 2012. He has shared poetry stage experiences with poets like Smyte9, Lamont Steptoe, Elliot Levin, and Ursula Rucker. Alien Architect has played all over the streets and venues of Philadelphia, in Mexico, Egypt, a desert in Israel, and many other places across the United States. You can find him in many places, such as: FaceBook: Twitter: SoundCloud: BandCamp:

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PLU Open Mic featuring Karen Murphy

Posted on 28 Jun 2015 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

PLU Open Mic this week (July 2) features a poet visiting all the way from down under: Karen Murphy!

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PLU Open Mic featuring Travis Cebula & Sarah Suzor

Posted on 21 Jun 2015 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Feelin’ hot, hot hot! We sizzled under some seriously lip-smacking literature on Thursday, June 25… Round 1. Ethan bravely broke the evening’s seal with some hair in his mouth and a lie-in, after which queen Kate invited us to see her perform at Carr’s bar on Sunday (past). Eliot came back from a heavy year and delighted us with Auden and Yann, Rene showed his asshole yet sweet dad side with his daughter on his hip, Tui-z (VIRGIN!) stunned...

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PLU Open Mic feat. Ray Knight

Posted on 14 Jun 2015 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Spitting true spirit at PLU Open Mic last week with our special guest Ray Knight. Moe began with Jazz is, Thomas brought his roller luggage to say goodbye to Paris for a while with An Epistle to the Oxford English Dictionary and Zach lost his virginity shredding and shedding Blood on his flying guitar. David called the Embassy, Amruta  (recently accepted in to Paris Lit Up Magazine n°3) stumbled into a Tramp along the way and Jordan rocked out...

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PLU Open Mic feat. Nicole Peyrafitte & Pierre Joris

Posted on 7 Jun 2015 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Last week, PLU Open Mic celebrated our summer season with stalwart friends of the show, Nicole and Pierre! As this dynamic duo wowed us with their artistry, the crowd came forth to disgorge their creativity in three wild and virgin-laden rounds of artistic frenzy! Round 1 René kicked off round 1 with a choose your own adventure story about a lost man at a costume party, and Jovan read us a story that really, truly honestly tried to be...

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Anna Polonyi wins PLU Shorts 2015

Posted on 7 Jun 2015 in News | 0 comments

Anna Polonyi, a Paris-based writer, was announced the winner of PLU’s first ever short story competition yesterday as a part of the International Poetry Festival. Along with the publication of her short story, Tschagguns, Anna will also be awarded the grand prize of 1000€. Four other finalists and a special mention were selected, all of whom will be included in an anthology to be published by Paris Lit Up Press later this year. Finalists The Hedgeman – Karen Palmer Summer...

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PLU Shorts – And the winner is…

Posted on 5 Jun 2015 in News | 0 comments

Tomorrow afternoon, at Culture Rapide (103 rue Julien Lacroix, 75020 Paris – métro Belleville), we’ll be publicly announcing the 1000€ winner of PLU shorts and the 4 finalists at 17h30, along with readings from Carl Watson (internationally renowned author), Yann Rousselot (launching his first collection Dawn of the Algorithm) and Ethan Northey (our 2015 slam champion). Come find out which five stories from the shortlist here below were selected and who wrote them. See you there! Vitæ Rina The Interior...

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Grand Slam International Poetry Festival 2015

Posted on 27 May 2015 in News | 0 comments

Paris Lit Up in collaboration with Slam Productions proudly present: Grand Slam International Poetry Festival 2015 featuring Carl Watson & Yann Rousselot Join us this year for one full week of national and international slam poetry competitions. Over 100 poets from around the world will converge on Belleville and compete for both the World Cup of Slam as well as the French National Grand Slam titles. In addition, numerous events and readings will take place throughout the week. Paris Lit Up...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Janice Windle

Posted on 25 May 2015 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

On Thursday May 28th we were proud to host the lovely Janice Windle, who is not just a great poet but also a very talented painter! photos by Kate Reeves-Edwards, hosted by ERK     Round 1 What better way to initiate a virgin than by forcing them to perform first! Luckily, the plucky L’Insaississable is familiar with being onstage, and breezed through his slam piece. Next up, René, with a mindfuddling story that left us wondering if anything...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Luke Thompson

Posted on 18 May 2015 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

    We all had a great barrel of laughs (points for anyone who can explain where that phrase came from) on Thursday May 14 with our featured performer, funnyman Luke Thompson!   Round one Lorenzo bravely took the stage first, reading in Italian, followed by a sexy announcement about the sexy Poetry Brothel by Kate. VIRGIN Ryan went with the stand-up theme and Swedish graffiti masturbation (keep your eyes peeled in public toilets, people), followed by his accomplice...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Bonny Finberg

Posted on 15 May 2015 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Round 1 While Emily was off f***ing around on a tropical island somewhere, just before driving 12 hours overnight to Venice we found time to host Bonny Finberg who had come all the way from New York to entertain us. Two lengthy rounds of Open Mic antics starting with René‘s profound opening question: ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!? Alix followed with an intimate piece in Franglais and a mandolin, giving virgin slammer La Saisie Sable Mal à la France. Steve...

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PLU interview with Hazel Manuel

Posted on 4 May 2015 in News | 0 comments

By Amruta Prabhu On a cold, rainy evening I headed to the literal and figurative warmth of a tiny Indian restaurant tucked away in one of the by lanes of Rue du Faubourg St. Denis in the Indian quarter of Paris to interview Hazel Manuel, an upcoming writer whose last novel ‘Kanyakumari’ – published by Cinnamon Press – is set in India. Intrigued by the perspective of a foreigner on my home country, I engaged her in a chat...

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