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PLU Open Mic featuring Sven Hansen-Løve

Posted on 4 Nov 2015 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Sven Hansen-Løve has released a collection of short stories with Paris Lit Up Press! And he decided to launch the work at our open mic! Hurrah! There’ll be a short video-taster coming soon…  while we wait, here’s who else joined us onstage: Nick’s back in town! He told us about his mates. Now we know why he came back. Thomas bathed in beautiful red rain and VIRGIN Amanda delivered a section from her upcoming performance piece. VIRGIN Marie brought her family (this becomes a theme) and sang “True”. PLU VIRGIN Alison, aka Ed’s mum, must’ve bought a lot of bags with her to Paris, and Tim jumped on a tightrope with a telescope and that harmonica thing that fits on the head. Blue Wit was all about Molière (or a Latin word that sounds like him) and Lesbos (not the Greek island) and David Blair got very Halloweeny with a bee suit and golf ball in his Telepathic Film. Rrrrround two! Sven kicked off our second round with excerpts from “Tender Neighbors and Other Stories”, his brand spanking new collection of short stories, assisted in English by Ed. Shannon popped up to give an official PLU Recruitment Call, and James, Victor and Evan got the audience’s feet a’tappin with “Wind in my Sails”. Evan stayed onstage to...

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PLU Open Mic & Slam Competition – Hosted by Winona Linn

Posted on 13 Oct 2015 in PLU Open Mic, PLU Slam Poetry | 0 comments

Last Thursday (October 17th), PLU started our 2015/16 slam season! It was a great turnout for such a rainy Paris night. Performances in a variety of genres by both PLU regulars and shiny new faces lit up (see what I did there?) the bar. We started the evening off with a Canadian transplant, Jeff Cottrill, who gave us helpful advice on how to write a slam poem, complete with clichés and not-so-subtle subtlety. Then we were treated to a string ensemble (The Old Men of Storr), who lulled the room into a medieval hush. Our slammers that evening were: Edouardo, Message Folk, Maria, Amruta, Flavie, Yasser, Avi, GTM, Bibi, and Maxx. As it was our first slam of the season, we allowed for an “anything goes” atmosphere, so we had cover poems and songs as well as individual pieces. Edouardo started off round 1 with classics to warm up the audience, reminding us just how jolie Belleville is each dimanche, and he was followed by Message Folk who performed a love/protest song to Hollywood, CA. Maria enraptured the audience with a monologue by 17th-Century playwright Jean Racine, and Amruta followed in a similar vein with a moving cover poem about the steps we must take when lonely. Flavie was next up to the mic, with an original song,...

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PLU Open Mic feat. Alistair Noon

Posted on 6 Oct 2015 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

October 1, 2015. Hosted by ERK. Special guest, Alistair Noon! Fresh (or not so much) off the back of our epic PLU 3 Magazine launch party, we set sail into another Open Mic with our featured performer Alistair Noon steering the ship. Thomas won the democratic lottery and warmed us up with an undergraduate philosophy essay, followed by arty Allison showing her poetic side. Message Folk is a one-man travelling band and René actually did get stuck in an elevator...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Penny Arcade

Posted on 5 Oct 2015 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

WOWSERS! This week PLU is proud to present an internationally renowned performance artist Penny Arcade! A runaway at thirteen, a reform-school graduate at sixteen, a performer in the legendary New York City Play-House of the Ridiculous at seventeen, and an escapee from Andy Warhol’s Factory scene at nineteen, Penny Arcade emerged in the 1980s as a primal force on the New York art scene and an originator of what came to be called performance art. Arcade’s brand of high...

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PLU Open Mic – Pre-party prep

Posted on 28 Sep 2015 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Despite our featured guest falling victim to autumnal sickness, we pushed on through in anticipation of the upcoming PLU 3 magazine party. ERK was back from holidays and hungry for some hosting… Despite adverse weather conditions, Jason lead the pack from the start with a rainy night. René also got a little wet with a section from his novel… Eduardo was all sunflowers and Sundays, and Amruta was heartless about the homeless. Poetry just gets harder with time. Thomas brought the...

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PLU Open Mic feat. Jude Cowan Montague

Posted on 11 Sep 2015 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

Hey yo yo, fast report on the go ’cause we be in the flow of PLU Mag n°3 you know: this Saturday we flyin’ high at La Petite Maison girl don’t be shy come on down take a look around at all the beautiful things like sounds words and bits called pinchos, shit: you ain’t never had no Spanish badass explain what they be. Best get down to Paris Launch Party number three! [Editor’s note: apparently freestyle reporting is...

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PLU Open Mic featuring Louise Cooper

Posted on 4 Sep 2015 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

The PLU Open Mic 2015-2016 season is already in full swing with a packed house, 25+ performers, 8 virgins and our special guest Louise Cooper. Round 1 included performances by Fun King Nero swooning It’s a cliché to say that I love you on his guitar, René previewing his new book and explaining how to best Cheat on exams and virgin Inua promoting The Midnight Run and reciting two poems, Directions and Dear Tina. Andy, his virgin partner in...

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PLU Magazine n°3 Launch Party

Posted on 31 Aug 2015 in Belleville Park Pages, Ivy Writers, News, Poets Live | 0 comments

It’s time to celebrate! Back for the 3rd edition of our annual Paris Lit Up Magazine Launch Party, we’re bringing you a whole day – and a long night – of poetry, art, music, dance, food and fun! Entry is FREE!  Hosted at Paris’ premier alternative space La Petite Maison and in collaboration with the global event 100 Thousand Poets for Change, we’ll be featuring the French post-rock group Aymé along with some barebones rhythm & blues by The Bowling...

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PLU Comedy feat. Alexander van Walsum

Posted on 30 Aug 2015 in PLU Comedy, PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

To kick off the new year (in September), PLU had its first comedy night hosted by Fred Eyangoh (I’m actually typing this. Hi, how are you?). The overall good news is that he only had to shush hecklers three times. For Culture Rapide, that’s a good night. Round 1 started with Kamel aka L’Insaisissable, who delivered a beautiful love poem, with Rafik playing the guitar. Dave was the first one to tell a joke, even before the host. Full discolsure: it was about eggs. Bridget read...

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PLU Open Mic feat. Evan Laflamme

Posted on 24 Aug 2015 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

Finishing out the summer with style in three long rounds of poetry, music and prose together with our special (jet-lagged) guest Evan Laflamme from Los Angeles, CA. A rip roaring Round 1 saw a plethora of anglo accents starting with Charlotte and her Idea of the lightning bug, Be kind to the wolf and a dedication to Rodin’s Kiss. Swinging for the States was Vesko‘s bilingual Carnivalesque, followed by the boy wonder from down under, Thomas recounting the travails of...

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PLU Open Mic feat. Moe Seager Blue Jazz Trio

Posted on 14 Aug 2015 in PLU Open Mic, Video clips | 0 comments

Jam session Paris Lit Up with over six musicians and spontaneous collaborations all night long! René began the evening with a post-coital discussion, Vesko was stuck in a Cubical, David took a train to Siberia, Nadine lost her virginity with Duality, Henry busted out some freestyle about his Problems, Ham was a virgin standup comedian, Eli recited Mantras in the sand dunes of his lost virginity, and Moe Seager Jazzed it up. Round two saw: Fun King Nero home...

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PLU Open Mic feat. LISAA Short Film Festival

Posted on 8 Aug 2015 in PLU Open Mic | 0 comments

A slamdunk night at PLU last Thursday with our seven special short guests and a special surprise freestyle hiphop jam at the end of the evening. Round 1 included performances by L’insaissisable in Français, Lorenzo reading La tarda sera and Il funerale in Italiano, Alison‘s Flatter and virgin Tom Blood‘s The walrus and the cabdrivers. Another virgin, Vesko, followed with Angel and Vixens in a slam style while Moe took the old school road home with Ray Charles‘ Dodoododo....

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